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TELECOM Digest Editor noted in response to article
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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: In the early 1950's, when television
> was still a rather new medium, without a lot of programs to show,
> _all *THREE*_ of the televison stations in Chicago elected to telecast
> the McCarthy senate hearings from Washingon, DC on a daily basis that
> one summer (I think it was 1951 or 1952.) They started at 9 AM each
> weekday (because McCarthy started his hearings at 10 AM Eastern time),
> continued on until mid-afternoon when he stopped for the day.

> McCarthy took a break for lunch at about 1:00 PM for thirty minutes or
> so, and Channel 9 WGN-TV put on thirty minutes of Bozo Circus. I do
> not recall what the other two stations played during McCarthy's lunch
> break. But then they all went back to McCarthy after his lunch and
> stayed with him until he dismissed each day. McCarthy was such a funny
> man! He really was! An _extremely closeted_ homosexual (as was his
> good friend J. Edgar Hoover.) If you watched it on TV, along about 2
> or 2:30 PM Central time, McCarthy would begin getting fidgity and
> looking at his watch. One of his favorite lines was "I have here in my
> desk a secret list of men who are homosexual and disloyal to the
> government." No one ever got to see his 'list'. But as he kept
> looking at the clock and fidgiting, he never failed to run the
> hearings past 3:30 or 3:45 PM eastern time, because he wanted to get
> out and down to the gay bars in Washington, DC when they opened each
> afternoon. He and J. Edgar ...; McCarthy made an excuse once saying he
> only went to the gay bars to continue his 'research' looking for
> 'Communists' and homosexuals. That 'secret list' he would never allow
> anyone to examine ... he was such a funny man, and a real embarassment
> to Republicans and people in Wisconsin. PAT]

Not much different from Republicans today. I mean, look at the Foley
mess and all.

Then of course you have the fundies scandals too, particulary Mr.
Haggard himself.

Someone once said that the most homophobic have something to hide and
it's turned out that it has been true more often than not.

In article <>,

> All predators are pornographers but not all pornographers are predators.

> Which group are the Mormons after? I think they are after all
> pornography. They don't want those nice Mormon 16 year old boys looking
> at completely legal hot babes.

TELECOM Digest Editor noted in response to Allen Salkin:

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: During the past week, we began with an
>> article stating internet porn involving children had increased four-
>> fold. Then we had a couple comments on this topic, and I mentioned
>> the operation, best known as a vigilante
>> group which sets up stings involving pedophiles. Someone wrote me to
>> mention that the New York Times had reported on this rather
>> extensively a few months ago, so I searched for that article and
>> decided to share it with you today. PAT]

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The Mormon missionaries here in
> Independence (always 18 year old boys) are closely supervised in their
> endeavors around town. PAT]

Mmmm hmmm. Ever see the movie 'Latter Days?'

I do know that homosexuality is a great way to get them to stop visiting
you. Works for both Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. Of course it might
have to be outright demonstrative acts but still, it's effective.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Actually, that is not true, at least
most of the time. As I have said to all of them at one time or another
I am gay AND Episcopalian ... and proud of both. They look at me as a
curiosity. They come over here and have dinner with me about once each
month. I do not think they have yet figured out how that works ... gay
and Episcopalian, although I do not see why it should be a big
mystery. And since they rely on their own pitiful money allotment for
food, they are always glad to get a free supper. I used to be much
more involved with the 'community free supper' on Thursday nights at
Epiphany Church (although lately as my health deteriorates more and
more rapidly I have not been as involved) and the missionaries before
the current two used to come over for that now and then also at the
Epiphany Episcopal Church fellowship hall. The former crop of
missionaries once said to me, "Gosh, Mr. Townson, you are about the
only person here in town who does not try to hide and refuse to answer
the door when we come calling, or answer but then slam the door in our
face, and you take us out to eat now and then also." Its like I tell
the people at Epiphany: the missionaries witness to me, and I witness
to them. Yes, I have seen 'Latter Days' and I know most missionaries
have seen it also. The only thing which really bugs me is when I have
a JW come around at the same time as the LDS guys. (That happened to
me once.) PAT]

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