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Re: Troubles With Computers' Daylight Shift

Steven J. Sobol (
Sun, 18 Mar 2007 06:06:51 UTC

In article <>, T wrote:

> Our Debian boxes worked just fine, but we had to patch a couple of
> older RH7.3 boxes.

Here's the way it went for me:

** Suse 10: nothing required, it shipped out of the box with the

** Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3: only needed to update the appropriate
RPM package.

** Red Hat 8 and 9: too old to have updated packages, end-of-life
products, and therefore had to download the tzdata tarballs and
compile from source. Only took a few minutes for each server.

** Windows XP - there were some client machines that didn't update
properly for whatever reason (all SP2, btw). Ours at home ... all
three of them ... did.

** Windows 2000 - have to manually update DST data, but it's not
difficult to do.

> Same for me. Sounds like his host info changed and the server doesn't
> recognize it. Time to hose the entry for his login in
> /etc/sshd/known.hosts

That's it. Although PuTTY is a Windows client, so the file is
somewhere else. I forgot about known_hosts :)

> Your tech worker isn't worth much. Windows XP SP1 couldn't be fixed
> other than downloading and using tzedit.exe.

> This means your machines NEVER update since SP2 is the current
> version, and it automatically applied the time zone file.

SP1 isn't supported anymore by Automatic Updates either, which is a
really really good reason to put SP2 on all of your XP boxes.

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