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Re: Innocent Teacher Convicted in Computer Porn Case

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Sat, 3 Mar 2007 20:59:29 UTC wrote:

> On Feb 16, 1:32 am, M <> wrote:

> The problem is that techies are a small group of people. There is
> everyone else out there who have no idea of the complexity of the
> Internet or the many threats out there. They don't keep their
> spyware, firewalls, virus protection up to date, and may innocently
> venture onto dangerous cites. And even technies make mistakes;
> sometimes forgetting the basics and leave themselves vulnerable.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Makes for ideal circumstances for
> police officers, doesn't it? PAT]

Think for a moment:

As the law now stands, the way most people have the preview pane in
their email program enabled, if they are sent unsolicited illegal
images, they're at risk even if they immediately delete them. Most
people don't know the data from deleted emails delivered to their PC
is still on the hard drive for quite some time. All I can say is if
you ever receive illegal content in email, call your attorney at once
for guidance!

Question for Moderator: Do posters from Usenet get email confirmation
their post was received?
The address I use Does receive mail.

Herb Oxley

[TEELCOM Digest Editor's Note: Incoming mail to telecom arrives from
various sources, including Usenet mail (response to other writers or
original articles submitted), email sent direct to one of various
addresses for myself, and other sources. A small amount of mail is
permitted to bypass filtering.

Auto-replies, or autoacks go out as follows from telecom: Items of
mail which Spam Assassin believes are spam do NOT get any
autoack. Spam Assassin rules, or modifications to those rules, as they
are announced by SA are used. This 'mail' is put in a separate box
(hundreds of items daily) for my manual review, as time permits. It is
all zapped by myself; I trust Spam Assassin entirely to spot this junk.
This comprises in excess of 90 percent of all incoming mail.

All other mail -- about ten percent -- that which correctly passes
filtering by Spam Assassin, -- is handled one of two ways: The _vast
majority_ of it is indeed spam, it simply managed to get past Spam
Asssassin. I have yet to see any legitimate mail get caught up in spam
traps, but I do get a lot of it which _should have been trapped but
wasn't._ This category of mail receives an 'unacceptable for
publication' notice. I do visually scan these items each day, about
100-200 items, *and when I catch one that is legitimate* I pull it
out for use.

A tiny amount of incoming mail -- about two or three percent of all
incoming mail from all sources (see first paragraph above) contains
the secret word and it receives a positive acknowledgement and it goes
direct to my incoming mail, again, from all sources in the first
paragraph. At one time -- several years ago -- I used to carefully
read and consider ALL mail, but spammers and scammers have made that
impossible now for a long time. As I suspected, spammer/scammers do
try and trick me: I am seeing now more and more messages which contain
'legitimate' (that is, secret word related) subject lines but in fact
are only scams/spams 'under the surface'; that is to say, a subject
line which includes the secret word, gives appearance of being a
legitimate question/comment but then, the mail itself is only some
trash thing. I suspected that would happen if I _ever_ published the
secret word here in the Digest. For example, "(secret word) how do I
do thus and so" or "(secret word) why does my telephone act like
this" and then when I read the message there is no further mention of
(secret word) nor any further mention to thus and so or why telephone
acts like this. In other words the subject line was simply a lure to
get the rest of the message read.

So, if you pass the preliminary screening (either as a real, legimate
writer or as a smart-ass spammer/scammer) you will get some sort of
reply from me: mostly a rejection notice, since mostly all I hear from
are scammers/spammers, but occassionally a positive notice since a
very few of you are legigimate readers/writers. PAT]

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