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1 Mar 2007 13:15:51 -0800

On Feb 28, 11:12 pm, Neal McLain <> wrote:

> In reference to the recent discussion about the Skokie Swift (where PAT
> never worked) ...

I thought Pat worked in the terminal building in Skokie, the former
North Shore station, but serving now bus passengers.

> On Saturday, March 3, RFD-TV will telecast 'Midwest Trolley Tour Part 2.'

Would you know if this will be on any other cable stations (ie BRV,
Travel, etc.)?


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I _did_ work in the terminal building,
in a portion of it separately rented _to me_ (actually the only part
of the large building still useable and open) for the purpose of
maintaining/operating a Greyhound Bus facility, _not_ a CTA bus stop.
Most of the building was unusable, and unsafe for occupancy. Most of
the terminal building no longer had any plumbing or electricity. CTA
had a little lean-to three sided shelter outside my station for use by
its passengers. Obviously when weather was unpleasant (too hot, too
cold, too rainy, snowy, other conditions) the CTA passengers would
come inside _my_ place and stand there instead. I asked the CTA to
share with me (as a commission) some small part of the revenue from
fares collected from the number 97 bus and the number 250 bus, which
were the two routes which stopped there, in addition to the 'Skokie
Swift' orange route trains. CTA said forget it, they would not share
any revenue, mainly because they did not want their passengers to have
a warm, dry place or a restroom to use while they waited. Or, let's
say they were too cheap to care either way. CTA was certainly too
cheap to try and fix up the rest of the station, at least at first,
until the Skokie building inspector got after them. I had a sign in
the front window which said "this facility is only for use by
customers of Greyhound Bus" but mostly they ignored that. The 97
and 250 busses had easily ten times as many passengers every day as
Greyhound had. And the one unisex bathroom in the place was intended
for CTA bus drivers only and CTA's passengers were not permitted to
use it so whose bathroom do you suppose their passengers asked to use
instead, at least a hundred times per day? Overall, CTA is bad news
for the public transportation-riding public in Chicago. PAT]

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