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> In article <>,
> says:

>> Pat,

>> I don't mean to be insulting with this question so if it is
>> too obvious please forgive me. Is at least one telephone line
>> into your home exchange powered copper twisted pair? Do you

> Doesn't the cell tower connect to the rest of the world via copper or
> fiber feed ? How many of those towers have backup power ? The
> majority of tower sites in my rural area have 4 hours of battery
> backup without an on site generator. After 4 hours you are SOL.

> That's why our local ham radio repeater is located at one of the few
> cell tower sites with a standby generator. We also have 48 hours of
> battery backup.

> Steve

Around here they don't bother putting backup power at most cell sites.
When Nextel put one of their cell sites on the building we're in we
offered them a tap off our generator but they didn't want it.

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