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About the Digest Archives
Select from the following special reports, which appeared when the Digest was being published:
101.uses-infostructure 1994-Jul-8
25th.anniversary.of.unix 1993-Dec-27 1996-Aug-8
ATT-EarthStation-Kimbles-PA 2003-Jul-21 1994-Dec-20
Also.see.miscellaneous 1994-Dec-20
CameraWare.FBI.sting 2003-May-15
I,_Assassin-Gary_Numan.mp3 2003-May-19
I,_Assassin-Read.first.text.file 2003-May-21 1992-Oct-1
al.gore-telecom.summit 1995-Jan-11
alacarte-cable-service 2004-Apr-10
alascom.story 1992-Apr-19 1996-Aug-8
areacode-numbering-history 2003-Oct-22 1992-Nov-3
autovon.instructions 1992-Jun-20
bellsouth.cocots 1997-Jan-5
cable-fm-wfmt-mcclain 2003-Jun-26 1993-Feb-14 1995-Apr-28
clinton.hi-tech.speech 1993-Feb-25 1992-Aug-22
computer.sci.and.govt-arpa 1999-Jul-9
computer.state 1989-Aug-1
deaf.communicate.on.tdd 1991-Mar-16
decade-of-disappointment 2005-Mar-13
def-con.1996.convention 1996-Aug-8
deregulated.telecom.mkt 1992-May-19
dial.tone.monopoly 1990-Sep-1
enterprise.mgt.summit 1994-Oct-13
exploring.950-1288 1991-Sep-26
fax.products.for.pc 1990-Nov-20
fax.servers.FAQ 1996-Aug-8
hate.speech.5th.horseman 1997-Nov-8
how.numbers.are.assigned 1990-Mar-29 1991-Dec-13
info.highway.speech-gore 1994-Jan-18
info.policy.conference 1993-Dec-18 1994-Jan-26
internet-voip-telephones 2004-Jan-12 1995-Mar-31
internet.story-abernathy 1990-Sep-12
internet.via.leased.line 1994-Jun-9 1997-Jan-5
itu.READ-ME-FIRST 1996-Aug-8
itu.bulletin.z 1996-Aug-8
itu.official.adsl-std 1999-Jul-6
japan.personal.handyphone 1995-Jun-7
kavner.speech-1994.c-e-s 1994-Feb-18
killer.application.myth 1995-Nov-6
local.number.portability 17:34-May-14
magna.carta.knowledge.age 1995-Feb-3 1999-Jun-7
monitor.soviet.xmissions 1991-Aug-11 1999-Jul-12
natl.alliance.comm-canada 1997-Jan-5 1993-Sep-27
netizens.association 1996-Aug-8
norvergence-nortel.jpg 2004-Mar-16
norvergence1.doc 2004-Mar-16
norvergence2.doc 2004-Mar-16 1993-Nov-25
numbering.committee.3-96 1996-Aug-8
ontario.comp.strategy 1994-Jun-9
phone.trends-5.94 1994-Jun-9 1995-Jan-25 1989-Aug-1 1997-Jan-5
rotenberg.privacy.speech 1990-Jan-14 1991-Jun-11
sysops.libel.liability 1990-Apr-26
telecom.pubs.bibliography 1995-Jun-7 1992-Nov-16
telsat-canada-report 1991-Jan-20
toll-free.tolled.list 1991-Sep-29
towns-and-townships 2002-Oct-19
transcon-line.html 1999-May-9
transportation.ems.and-911 1999-Jul-6
unabomber.manifesto.long 1995-Sep-28
unabomber.manifesto.reply 1995-Aug-9
unabomber.manifesto.short 1995-Aug-2
unix.public.access.sites 1993-Apr-8 1998-Jan-5
venezuela.telecom.strike 1993-Nov-20

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