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The Telecom Digest for Thu, 10 Sep 2020
Volume 39 : Issue 234 : "text" format

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TOP 100: Verizon Public Sector embraces customer-facing model
FCC Unveils Draft Proposal for 5G Spectrum Availability
Re: History – home schooling systems
What's New In 5G
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <MWHPR05MB33908CD025E997309BF8AB9FE5270@MWHPR05MB3390.namprd05.prod.outlook.com> Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 22:24:12 -0400 From: Bill Horne <w4ewh@outlook.com> Subject: TOP 100: Verizon Public Sector embraces customer-facing model By Ross Wilkers A common storyline stretches across three Top 100 profiles this year because with some exceptions, many government employees and contractors have had the same work-from-home environment during the coronavirus pandemic. I spoke with leading public sector market executives at the Top 100's three largest telecommunications companies in AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon for this year's Top 100 edition to learn more about how those business units have contributed to the larger work of the corporations in running the networks and keeping people connected. https://washingtontechnology.com/articles/2020/08/31/verizon-top-100.aspx ------------------------------ Message-ID: <MWHPR05MB3390C813A00F6430D5975959E5270@MWHPR05MB3390.namprd05.prod.outlook.com> Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 22:29:17 -0400 From: Bill Horne <w4ewh@outlook.com> Subject: FCC Unveils Draft Proposal for 5G Spectrum Availability By Nichols Martin The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released a draft proposal regarding a spectrum considered for use with commercial 5G. https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-366748A1.pdf. The proposal highlights efforts to have the 3.45-3.55 gigahertz spectrum ready for5G implementation across the country, FCC said Tuesday. https://www.executivegov.com/?s=5G+implementation https://www.executivegov.com/2020/09/fcc-unveils-draft-proposal-for-5g-spectrum-availability-ajit-pai-quoted/ ------------------------------ Message-ID: <359d3491-a007-461e-9438-90581fdec8c9o@googlegroups.com> Date: 9 Sep 2020 13:14:22 -0700 From: HAncock4 <hancock4@bbs.cpcn.com> Subject: Re: History--home schooling systems On Friday, August 21, 2020 at 10:34:05 AM UTC-4, HAncock4 wrote: > Remote learning is nothing new. Back around 1960 > the telephone companies offered service and equipment > for it, such as for ill children. > > Years ago the Bell System developed a device to allow children > who are sick at home to participate in school. I'm not sure > how effective it was as it was audio only, but Bell used to > advertise it. I heard the unit was actually built by Executone > for Bell. > > LIFE 1962 (home schooling device/service). > https://books.google.com/books?id=7lYEAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PA139&dq=bell%20telephone%20home%20school&pg=PA139#v=onepage&q&f=false > > they also touted teaching by TV -- ABA 1961 > https://books.google.com/books?id=1Qzq9CnAgYcC&lpg=PA648&dq=bell%20telephone%20%20school&pg=PA648#v=onepage&q&f=false > > GTE likewise touted teaching by TV SEP 1963 > https://archive.org/details/the-saturday-evening-post-1963-01-05/page/n15/mode/1up Here is a 1955 article (not an ad) from the Saturday Evening Post describing home schooling via the system. https://archive.org/details/the-saturday-evening-post-1955-02-12/page/n26/mode/1up ------------------------------ Message-ID: <1b1f52a8-278c-9cca-21d0-3e6c811b8b90@gmail.com> Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:24:56 -0400 From: Bill Horne <telecomdigestsubmissions@remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: What's New In 5G by Russell H. Fox, Angela Y. Kung, Christen B'anca Glenn, Scott Thompson and Daniel P. Reing The next-generation of wireless technologies - known as 5G - is here. Not only is it expected to offer network speeds that are up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE and reduce latency to nearly zero, it will allow networks to handle 100 times the number of connected devices, revolutionizing business and consumer connectivity and enabling the "Internet of Things." Leading policymakers - federal regulators and legislators - are making it a top priority to ensure that the wireless industry has the tools it needs to maintain U.S. leadership in commercial 5G deployments. https://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/telecoms-mobile-cable-communications/982388/what39s-new-in-5g--september-2020?email_access=on ------------------------------ ********************************************* End of telecom Digest Thu, 10 Sep 2020
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