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The Telecom Digest for Thu, 26 Dec 2019
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Under Trump, We've Had Fewer Federal OSHA Inspections and More Workplace FatalitiesModerator
The FCC's Reassigned Number DatabaseModerator
Re: History trans-Atlantic cableHAncock4
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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <20191221043800.GA28619@telecom.csail.mit.edu> Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2019 04:38:00 +0000 From: Moderator <telecomdigestsubmissions@remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: Under Trump, We've Had Fewer Federal OSHA Inspections and More Workplace Fatalities The Trump administration has drastically cut back on OSHA enforcement activities and put working Americans at risk, according to a new report from the National Employment Law Project (NELP). In the past three years, considerably fewer OSHA workplace inspections have been conducted than in any three-year period during the Obama or Bush administrations. In addition, OSHA now has fewer inspectors on staff to hold companies responsible for health and safety standards than at any time in the last 40 years. Unsurprisingly, workplace fatalities and catastrophes have increased in that same time period. https://cwa-union.org/news/under-trump-weve-had-fewer-federal-osha-inspections-and-more-workplace-fatalities -- Bill Horne Telecom Digest Moderator ------------------------------ Message-ID: <20191225033901.GA7696@telecom.csail.mit.edu> Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2019 03:39:01 +0000 From: Moderator <telecomdigestsubmissions@remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: The FCC's Reassigned Number Database On December 12, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") adopted a new rule to establish a reassigned number database. The database is intended to both enable callers to verify the status of phone numbers and help prevent consumers with reassigned numbers from receiving unsolicited telephone calls. This Practice Guide offers a non-exhaustive, concise source of information to assist telemarketers on the details of the new rule. Telemarketers seeking guidance relating to their specific needs should speak to an attorney with experience in this field. http://www.mondaq.com/ac/content.asp?content_id=3990&email_access=on -- Bill Horne Telecom Digest Moderator ------------------------------ Message-ID: <c8228f7a-04e5-4f22-8035-52daac0c24a6@googlegroups.com> Date: 20 Dec 2019 11:54:40 -0800 From: HAncock4 <withheld@invalid.telecom-digest.org> Subject: Re: History trans-Atlantic cable In addition to the trans-Atlantic cable, Bell also installed cables to Hawaii: https://archive.org/details/the-saturday-evening-post-1957-10-19/page/n9 https://books.google.com/books?id=tVYEAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PA127&dq=%22bell%20telephone%22%20Hawaii&pg=PA127#v=onepage&q&f=false Within Hawaii, General Telephone installed a cable: https://books.google.com/books?id=uVYEAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PA31&dq=hawaii%20%22general%20telephone%22%20cable&pg=PA30#v=onepage&q&f=false (two pages) ------------------------------ ********************************************* End of telecom Digest Thu, 26 Dec 2019
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