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The Telecom Digest for Fri, 24 May 2019
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AT&T Under Pressure To Answer For Their Job KillingBill Horne
Spectrum "Special" offer, v2David
Re: Ajit Pai proposes new rule that would allow carriers to block robocallsBarry Margolin
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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <20190522000529.GA9551@telecom.csail.mit.edu> Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 00:05:29 +0000 From: Bill Horne <bill@horneQRM.net> Subject: AT&T Under Pressure To Answer For Their Job Killing New reports came out last week highlighting the devastating levels of job loss executed by AT&T over the past year, all while the company raked in billions of dollars due to the GOP tax cuts. "What AT&T is doing to hardworking people across America is disgraceful," said CWA President Chris Shelton. "Taxpayers aren't going to let AT&T get away with receiving over $21 billion in tax cuts and then destroying the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people." Earlier this month, AT&T announced that it is laying off 368 technicians represented by CWA in California (a report in Motherboard earlier this year noted that California is one of the states AT&T has targeted for "geographic rationalization" - a nice term for killing jobs to make the company more profitable for those at the top). This year we've lost hundreds of our members in District 1 as AT&T has announced the closing of call centers in Syracuse, NY and Meriden, CT. AT&T reaped a huge windfall from the Republican tax cuts, promising big benefits to workers and job growth. They lied. We know now that the tax bill was a scam. Surprising no one, corporations have been looking out for themselves and their shareholders, not workers. You can help hold them accountable: Call your Congressperson at 855-980-2231 to tell them to support a Congressional hearing demanding answers from AT&T. Read more about AT&T's job cuts here: https://www.valuewalk.com/2019/05/att-tax-cut-and-jobs-act/ -- Bill Horne (Remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly) ------------------------------ Message-ID: <5CE4A0EB.9080508@panix.com> Date: 21 May 2019 21:07:55 -0400 From: "David" <wb8foz@panix.com> Subject: Spectrum "Special" offer, v2 I just received a plastic card in the US Mail, hyping: Spectrum Internet Assist with 30Mb/s and a free modem. $14.99 a month. Offer good through 20 June. CALL NOW to get your special offer! I carefully read the plastic card's fine print. Nothing unusual jumped out at me. But when you go to the cited web page <https://www.spectruminternetassist.com> you will find: To qualify for Spectrum Internet Assist, a member of the household must be a recipient of one of the following programs: The National School Lunch Program (NSLP); free or reduced cost lunch The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP Supplemental Security Income (age 65 only) Strange that such a major restriction is not mentioned on the mailed card. My take is it's both an attempt to meet FCC requirements to advertise the program [required by their merger with Time Warner as I recall] and bait others into calling in and getting upsold to a higher-price plan. ------------------------------ Message-ID: <barmar-7C4A83.10241823052019@reader443.eternal-september.org> Date: 23 May 2019 10:24:18 -0400 From: "Barry Margolin" <barmar@alum.mit.edu> Subject: Re: Ajit Pai proposes new rule that would allow carriers to block robocalls In article <03E7E4C4-2C5F-4E3F-9FA5-56BCE4288355@roscom.com>, "Monty Solomon" <monty@roscom.com> wrote: > Ajit Pai proposes new rule that would allow carriers to block robocalls - > > "The American people are fed up with illegal robocalls" > > On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission announced a new > measure that would grant mobile phone carriers new abilities to block > the growing number of unwanted robocalls. Why only mobile phones? Some of us old farts still use land lines. -- Barry Margolin, barmar@alum.mit.edu Arlington, MA *** PLEASE post questions in newsgroups, not directly to me *** ------------------------------ ********************************************* End of telecom Digest Fri, 24 May 2019

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