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The Telecom Digest for Tue, 19 Dec 2017
Volume 36 : Issue 172 : "text" format

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California warns people to limit exposure to cellphones Monty Solomon
Net neutrality is dead – what happens next?Monty Solomon
T-Mobile promises to end the "complete bulls--t" from TV companies in 2018Monty Solomon
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <AD4CAB51-8C8F-4CE3-8614-622FC39D779E@roscom.com> Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 20:07:28 -0500 From: Monty Solomon <monty@roscom.com> Subject: California warns people to limit exposure to cellphones California Warns People to Limit Exposure to Cellphones By Ed Cara Since the earliest days of mobile phones, a small but steady con- tingent of environmental activists, conspiracy-inclined folks, and some scientists have warned about the hidden damage they could be causing to our bodies, due to the radio frequency energy cellphones use to communicate with cell towers. They fear that this non-ionizing radiation could penetrate our cells and cause damage, increasing our risk of brain and head cancer. But scientists elsewhere have dismissed this potential link as, at best, unproven and, at worst, utterly implausible. In a surprising move this week, however, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) weighed in on the debate, warning people, especially kids, to stay away from cellphones whenever pos- sible. The agency also issued guidelines on how to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy. https://gizmodo.com/california-warns-people-to-limit-exposure-to-cellphones-1821342200 ------------------------------ Message-ID: <70889021-5903-4F32-A6F7-10F5865D2467@roscom.com> Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 20:02:48 -0500 From: Monty Solomon <monty@roscom.com> Subject: Net neutrality is dead - what happens next? Net neutrality is dead - what happens next? By Russell Brandom and Adi Robertson Yesterday, FCC chairman Ajit Pai successfully led a vote to repeal the Open Internet Order, effectively killing net neutrality rules. The full order hasn't been released, but advocacy groups are already preparing for the fight to defend a neutral internet once Title II is repealed. Passing net neutrality protections in 2015 was relatively straightforward, but getting those protections back requires going through every potential legal avenue. Meanwhile, ISPs will be testing their ability to control internet traffic - possibly in very blatant ways. https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/15/16780564/net-neutrality-is-dead-what-happens-next ------------------------------ Message-ID: <78472650-202C-4518-A6B6-FBDF605CD487@roscom.com> Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 05:52:17 -0500 From: Monty Solomon <monty@roscom.com> Subject: T-Mobile promises to end the "complete bulls--t" from TV companies in 2018 T-Mobile promises to end the "complete bulls--t" from TV companies in 2018. John Legere wants to give the cable companies a taste of the "Un-carrier" medicine. By Peter Bright T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced today that the mobile phone operator intends to acquire TV service Layer3 TV and next year offer a TV service that lets you watch "what you want, when you want, where you want" without the "complete bullshit" - contracts, forced bundles, and promotional pricing that expires after a year - that typifies the services coming from traditional cable TV providers. Layer3 TV brands itself as "The New Cable." It currently operates in only a handful of markets, offering access to a wide range of HD and 4K channels (more than 275 in total), streamed using the highly efficient H.265 (also known as HEVC) video codec and a custom set-top box. It's a pure IP service - there's no tuner in the box, and it will connect over Wi-Fi - and to support it, Layer3 has built out a fiber distribution network and data center in Denver that handles trans- coding shows into HEVC. It also has partnerships with Internet pro- viders to provide the last mile connectivity. This private backbone network should mean that Layer3 doesn't suffer the kinds of issues that Netflix dealt with a few years ago when its links bought from Cogent became congested. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/12/t-mobile-promises-to-end-the-complete-bulls-t-from-tv-companies-in-2018/ ------------------------------ ********************************************* End of telecom Digest Tue, 19 Dec 2017

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