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The Telecom Digest for Thu, 11 Aug 2016
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Re: Alternatives to AT&T DSL serviceScott Dorsey
Re: Alternatives to AT&T DSL serviceBob Prohaska
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <nofupb$3d8$1@panix2.panix.com> Date: 10 Aug 2016 15:20:11 -0400 From: kludge@panix.com (Scott Dorsey) Subject: Re: Alternatives to AT&T DSL service Bob Prohaska <bp@www.zefox.net> wrote: >David Lesher <wb8foz@panix.com> wrote: >> FIOS also allows you to keep pseudo-POTS, i.e. regulated service but >> carried over the glass. But their salesdroids will push had for you to >> get ""Digital Voice" I think it is called this week. > >What are the keywords to look for in reading terms of service >documents to make sure the service offered is in fact regulated? I'm >in no hurry to change what I have, but in case I get cornered it would >be good to know the "chapter and verse" that best protects my >interests. When you order a circuit from the telco you can ask what line on the tariff that circuit is covered under. Likely unless you are a big customer they will not bother to provide that information. Alternately you can download the state tariff yourself and look through it, but it's pretty heavy going. I suppose you could ask someone at the PUC for information though. If it's not in the book, it's a non-tariffed service. --scott --- "C'est un Nagra. C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis." ***** Moderator's Note ***** Some states have Public Utilities Commissions that will help. Check your state legislator: it is, after all, an election year. Bill Horne Moderator ------------------------------ Message-ID: <nogne5$fsg$1@news.albasani.net> Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 02:20:53 +0000 (UTC) From: Bob Prohaska <bp@www.zefox.net> Subject: Re: Alternatives to AT&T DSL service HAncock4 <withheld@invalid.telecom-digest.org> wrote: > > So, getting a "regulated" service may not offer you very much protection. > Understood. I'm just looking for the language used to describe the kind of service that's subject to PUC or FCC (or whatever the relevant agency is called) oversight. At this point my phone service is over a copper pair, is CO powered and supports pulse dialing. Is that what I should look for? It seems likely that fiber-based, VOIP or wireless services are much less apt to fall under any sort of oversight. Am I mistaken? Thanks for reading! bob prohaska ------------------------------ ********************************************* End of telecom Digest Thu, 11 Aug 2016

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