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The Telecom Digest for Dec 19, 2014
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CenturyLink to raise standalone, dual-play broadband bundle prices (Bill Horne)
Apple not guilty in iPod antitrust trial, jury decides (Neal McLain)

The laboring classes constitute the main part of our population. They should be protected in their efforts peaceably to assert their rights when endangered by aggregated capital, and all statutes on this subject should recognize the care of the State for honest toil, and be framed with a view of improving the condition of the workingman.  - Grover Cleveland

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:41:07 -0500 (EST) From: Bill Horne <bill@horneQRM.net> To: telecomdigestsubmissions.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: CenturyLink to raise standalone, dual-play broadband bundle prices Message-ID: <20141218224107.E70FAA8A@telecom.csail.mit.edu> CenturyLink to raise standalone, dual-play broadband bundle prices by Sean Buckley CenturyLink residential customers are going to find a piece of coal in their service stocking this Christmas season as the telco is tacking on new fees for its standalone broadband and dual-play voice and broadband bundles. According to an e-mail to sent to customers that was obtained by FierceTelecom, the service provider is going to raise rates on both its Consumer high speed Internet (HSI) + Voice and Consumer Pure Broadband services. http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/centurylink-raise-standalone-dual-play-broadband-bundle-prices/2014-12-16 -or- http://goo.gl/IIKkm0 Bill Horne -- (Remove QRM from my address to write to me directly)
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 20:49:10 -0800 (PST) From: Neal McLain <nmclain.remove-this@and-this-too.annsgarden.com> To: telecomdigestsubmissions.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Apple not guilty in iPod antitrust trial, jury decides Message-ID: <f055512d-6144-451e-8823-e19e41d732c7@googlegroups.com> By Nick Statt, CNET, December 16, 2014 After less than four hours of deliberation, the jury in the class action antitrust case finds Apple not guilty of anticompetitive conduct almost a decade ago. OAKLAND, Calif. -- Apple was found not guilty of anticompetitive conduct Tuesday in an almost ten-year-old antitrust case alleging the company harmed consumers and quashed digital music industry incumbents when it barred competing music stores' songs from playing on its iPod music player. http://www.cnet.com/news/apple-not-guilty-in-ipod-antitrust-trial-jury-decides/?tag=nl.e404&s_cid=e404&ttag=e404&ftag=CAD1acfa04 -or- http://tinyurl.com/mba2dwc Neal McLain

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