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The Telecom Digest for March 15, 2012
Volume 31 : Issue 70 : "text" Format
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Re: Alleged AT&T Employee shown on tape at harvest time (David Scheidt)
Re: CenturyLink subscribers claims she had to pay previous tenant's bill (GlowingBlueMist)
Re: Offshoring Bill Becomes Big Focus of Rep. Hanna Town Hall (tlvp)
Re: Alleged AT&T Employee shown on tape at harvest time (PV)
Re: 'Offshoring Bill Becomes Big Focus of Rep. Hanna Town Hall (John Levine)

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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 05:04:25 +0000 (UTC) From: David Scheidt <dscheidt@panix.com> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: Alleged AT&T Employee shown on tape at harvest time Message-ID: <jjp8sp$rbu$1@reader1.panix.com> Bill Horne <bill@horneqrm.net> wrote: :This one, I can't resist. It's a UTube shot of an alleged AT&T employee No. It's not. It's a Youtube video. Utube are a tube company who had their domain ruined by people too lazy to type two extra leters. +--------------------------------------------------------------+ sig 32 ***** Moderator's Note ***** The URL was correct. My typing wasn't. I also often refer to Facepage as "FaceTube", and Google, Yahoo, and Bing as "YaGooBing" or similar. The point I was trying to make is that the sites are all interchangeable, but I appreciate your concern. Bill Horne Moderator
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 23:30:40 -0500 From: GlowingBlueMist <GlowingBlueMist@truly.invalid.dotsrc.org> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: CenturyLink subscribers claims she had to pay previous tenant's bill Message-ID: <4f601f06$0$289$14726298@news.sunsite.dk> On 3/13/2012 10:37 PM, Bill Horne wrote: > On 3/11/2012 12:00 PM, Bill Horne wrote: >> Here's a new twist on debt collection: according to a complaint shown >> below, CenturyLink has demanded that a new tenant pay the previous >> tenant's bill in order to get phone service. >> >> I call and order the basic $17.00 per month service and the line >> backer for my life alert system. I am told I have to pay the >> previous tenants bill before they will even talk to me. So I pay >> that and get the service ordered ... >> >> Rest is at >> >> http://centurylink.pissedconsumer.com/century-link-sucks-20120309303584.html >> > > CenturyLink appears to be taking note of customer complaints on the > above site: the following reply was posted yesterday. > > 1. Written by @CenturyLinkHelp on March 12, 2012 from Denver, > Colorado, US > > Hey Retheridge, sorry to hear about your experience. Not typical. > Generally speaking the only reason to pay a balance from a prior > resident is if it was an "endebted household" which means you would > have had to reside there or been listed on the previous account. If > that was not the case we can get this corrected. ... > > It remains to be seen if the "@CenturyLinkHelp" group is able to > address the issue, or if it is interested only in spin control. > > Bill > I find that if I am not satisfied with the results of dealing with service agencies, like the phone company, that a call to my local newspaper or TV station and explaining the problem to their news editor usually gets things resolved fast. Seems those agencies don't like a reporter calling them to find out why/how they are upsetting customers. ***** Moderator's Note ***** In Massachusetts, all major media outlets have micro-phone books that give the names and contact numbers of third and fourth-line managers for every district. Since I worked on the "Radio Board" at BSTNMAFRT20, I can say with confidence that when a radio station or TV station wants service in a hurry, Verizon moves heaven and earth to provide it. Such information as yours and mine raises more questions than it answers: questions like "If their service is so great, why do they invest so much effort into preventing the public from hearing complaints?" Bill Horne Moderator
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 20:14:54 -0500 From: tlvp<mPiOsUcB.EtLlLvEp@att.net> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: Offshoring Bill Becomes Big Focus of Rep. Hanna Town Hall Message-ID: <z03fp4x1v2hb$.khzgmvyg4r8j.dlg@40tude.net> On Sun, 11 Mar 2012 11:46:45 -0400, Bill Horne wrote, about: > > http://www.cwa-union.org/news/entry/offshoring_bill_becomes_big_focus_of_rep._hanna_town_hall > > -or- > > http://tinyurl.com/6v3maes > > > ... a ... thing that puzzles me ... : > I wasn't able to copy the headline off the web page, at least with > Internet Exploder, and I had to call up the "Source" page to get a > version I could copy and paste into this post. Why? Three answers from comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html today. First: > 1) why the text is not selectable as text > > Some JavaScript voodoo converting the text to graphics. > Disable JavaScript and you can select the text. > 2) how it got converted to all-caps from its mixed-case > appearance in that H1 element? > > CSS: text-transform: uppercase; -- Thomas Mlynarczyk Next: > The headline is created by JavaScript and is not the text content you > see in the XHTML source. In this case, the display is supported by some > strange CSS. The CSS for the headline includes visibility:hidden so > that the text content does not conflict with the JavaScript display. > > If you view the page with CSS disabled but JavaScript enabled, you will > see the conflict. Each word in the headline appears twice, first an > image via JavaScript followed by the actual text content. > > If you view the page with JavaScript disabled and CSS enabled, the > headline can be marked and copied. When pasted, it has the same > capitalization as the source XHTML. The displayed Web page, however, > renders with the headline all capitals because the H1 element within the > DIV box containing the headline has the CSS text-transform:uppercase. > > Note that the page has 15 XHTML errors and 45 CSS errors. -- David E. Ross And last: > And here is the sad bit, the JavaScript outweighs the actual page > content many times over, including the images! > > Documents (3 files) 81 KB (85 KB uncompressed) > Images (6 files) 55 KB > Objects (0 files) > Scripts (11 files) 380 KB (579 KB uncompressed) > Style Sheets (4 files) 98 KB (106 KB uncompressed) > Total 614 KB (825 KB uncompressed) -- Jonathan N. Little HTH. Cheers, -- tlvp - - Avant de repondre, jeter la poubelle, SVP. ***** Moderator's Note ***** The Digest is not, of course, usually a forum for discussion of html or JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). However, this level of "window dressing" on a site dedicated to informing union members and the public about the things the CWA is doing for and with its membership is, to say the least, worrisome: I think unions should spend their money on organizing new members and representing current ones, not on paying some JavaScriptKiddie to write an overly- complicated, error prone bunch of JavaScript. Bill Horne Moderator
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 13:10:48 -0500 From: pv+usenet@pobox.com (PV) To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: Alleged AT&T Employee shown on tape at harvest time Message-ID: <_MqdnZU9JNK1Qv3SnZ2dnUVZ_judnZ2d@supernews.com> Bill Horne <bill@horneQRM.net> writes: >This one, I can't resist. It's a UTube shot of an alleged AT&T employee >doing, um, alleged bad deeds. > > >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhB1WhMjfUI&NR=1&feature=fvwp > 4 year old video alert! * -- * PV Something like badgers, something like lizards, and something like corkscrews. ***** Moderator's Note ***** Didn't you ever read Tom Swift? Bill Horne Moderator
Date: 14 Mar 2012 19:07:13 -0000 From: "John Levine" <johnl@iecc.com> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: 'Offshoring Bill Becomes Big Focus of Rep. Hanna Town Hall Message-ID: <20120314190713.7319.qmail@joyce.lan> > About 45 members of CWA Local 1126 just about took over the Utica, > N.Y., town hall meeting of Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) > > The activists, members of CWA's Legislative-Political Action Team, > pressed Hanna on his refusal so far to support the offshoring bill, > which would stop federal grants and loan guarantees to companies > that move call center jobs overseas. I happen to be in Hanna's district, which is one of the few swing districts left. He defeated the feckless Michael Arcuri who figured out only about a week before the election that playing Republican lite wasn't going to win any Republican votes and would only alienate his Democratic base. Hanna ran as a moderate, the traditional kind of Republican here in upstate NY, but has in practice been a party line Rep, doing gimmicks like the balanced budget amendment (which has no chance of passage and wouldn't work.) Hanna will never support what the CWA wants, but they may well remind people that he's not the representative we want. R's, John
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