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The Telecom Digest for February 7, 2012
Volume 31 : Issue 38 : "text" Format
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Re: Apple's iPhone Business Alone Is Now Bigger Than (David Clayton)
Cordboard PBX for sale (unknown)
Re: CenturyLink complaints outweigh positive remarks by 20-to-1 (Jon Danniken)

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Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 08:49:51 +1100 From: David Clayton <dc33box-usenet@yahoo.com.au> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: Apple's iPhone Business Alone Is Now Bigger Than Message-ID: <Q7aDdB.A.H1C.KxMMPB@telecom> On Mon, 06 Feb 2012 01:24:11 -0500, Monty Solomon wrote: > > Apple's iPhone Business Alone Is Now Bigger Than All Of Microsoft > > Henry Blodget ......... > The iPhone did not exist five years ago. And now it's bigger than a > company that, 15 years ago, was dragged into court and threatened with > forcible break-up because it had amassed an unassailable and unthinkably > profitable monopoly. > > The iPhone also appears to be considerably more profitable than Microsoft. > > ... Unless the iPhone has the same (massive) market dominance as MS had back then, then the comparison is pointless. There are many, many alternatives to Apple's iPhone/Pad devices so while they are obviously popular and profitable, I don't think that they are monopolising any market. -- Regards, David. David Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Knowledge is a measure of how many answers you have, intelligence is a measure of how many questions you have.
Date: 06 Feb 2012 22:48:56 -0400 From: Mike Spencer <mds@bogus.nodomain.nowhere> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Cordboard PBX for sale Message-ID: <87liofqrxj.fsf@nudel.nodomain.nowhere> [[ 'for sale' postings are generally verboten here, I'm making an ]] [[ exception in this case, due to the infrequent availability of ]] [[ such goodies. -- rdb, temp mod. ]] Back in March of last year, I posted this: A friend has just bought an old house. Therein, among sundries too numerous to enumerate, is a telephone switchboard. Wooden case, about 30 plug cables, new enough to have a 50s-type (?) dial on a pedestal to operator's right, hand crank to operate a ringer magneto(?). Maybe 6' tall by 24" wide. No immediately obvious external maker's tag. Is anyone here eager to buy such a thing? If not, are there many people elsewhere known to be keen to have one? Any advice on how my friend could profit from disposing of this lovely but unwanted object? Or should he just procede directly to eBay? and among other replies, Lisa or Jeff <hancock4@bbs.cpcn.com> wrote: > If you do post it for sale, could you let us know where it was > posted? Thanks. My friend is now in residence and barking his shins on the unit. Look here: http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/tmp/sw.html for photos and a contact email address for the owner who is, it may be said, eager to part with this lovely ornament. Next stop, kijiji, ebay or some such venue. Act now, while the price is right! :-)
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 11:47:27 -0800 From: "Jon Danniken" <jonSPAMMENOTdanniken@yahSPAMhoo.com> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: CenturyLink complaints outweigh positive remarks by 20-to-1 Message-ID: <jgpaoc$que$1@speranza.aioe.org> Doug McIntyre wrote: > Henry Horne <horneht@gmail.VALID-IF-THIS-IS-ELIDED.com> writes: >> At least at one website, complaints about CenturyLink's customer >> service outweigh positive reports by more than twenty to one. > >> Although most of the complaints on the site are from unidentified >> users, their remarks have a ring of truth. > > One thing that CenturyLink has done recently, at least in the > Minneapolis/St. Paul area (although I doubt it is so localized), is to > lay off a a bunch of installers/field techs, and then call them back > to offer contractor job work at flat per job rates. So they have zero > incentive > to do anything more than the basic service. > > Call center times have also gone way up as well. > > Not sure how the union let them get away with it. They bought out Qwest here in the PNW, and I am using them for aDSL access without phone service. Their CS department is basically the same as Qwest, with the same phone number, same limited hours, same personnel, and same locations for the call centers. They also still have the same problem of the right hand being unaware of what the left hand is doing. In the numerous times I have had to call them about errors on my bill (which has consistently been once a month), the representatives have always been pleasant to interact with, even if, as has happened twice so far, nothing they said they were doing ever got done. Jon
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