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The Telecom Digest for January 2, 2012
Volume 31 : Issue 3 : "text" Format
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Re: Caller ID Name error (David Clayton)

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Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2012 11:43:29 +1100 From: David Clayton <dcstarbox-usenet@yahoo.com.au> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: Caller ID Name error Message-ID: <QDb1C.A.fOC.UcTAPB@telecom> On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 20:32:18 +0000, Adam H. Kerman wrote: > A company selling a service to fix caller ID name errors for businesses, > by contacting the 10 to 20 maintainers of databases that generally aren't > updated from each other, uses this horror story to sell its services: > > A securities trading firm assumed assets of another securities trader who > is now incarcerated. The incarerated trader had nothing to do with the > business, but his named lived on in caller ID displays, depending on the > caller party's telephone company. > > On many systems, caller ID would display Bernard Madoff. > > For some reason, the trading company's sales calls didn't go so well. Maybe not most of 'em, but I'd bet the ones that still were receptive were very profitable for the trading company (how does that saying about "One born every day" go again?). -- Regards, David. David Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Knowledge is a measure of how many answers you have, intelligence is a measure of how many questions you have. ***** Moderator's Note ***** I think the phrase was attributed to P.T. Barnum, an American Impresario who was famous for his bottom-line attitude toward the public. Barnum was know to put up signs saying "To The Egress" when his shows got crowded, thus funneling customers out of the venue. Wikipedia claims Barnum didn't say it, but someone must have: "There's a sucker born every minute, and five more born to take him". Bill Horne Moderator
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