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The Telecom Digest for August 15, 2010
Volume 29 : Issue 220 : "text" Format

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Re: Do rate centers cross state lines?(Steven)
Re: TW Cable CEO: Programmers Oppose Smaller Channel Bundles (Garrett Wollman)

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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 19:17:20 -0700 From: Steven <diespammers@killspammers.com> To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: Do rate centers cross state lines? Message-ID: <i429vg$b2n$1@news.eternal-september.org> On 8/11/10 6:11 PM, Sam Spade wrote: > Steven wrote: >> On 8/9/10 3:30 PM, Sam Spade wrote: >> >>> >> >>>> >>> On the other side of that coin Zerox had a major facility on the east >>> side of Pasadena, California. The main building was in GTE terriotry, >>> formerly CWT territory. GTE built a new C.O. close by hopping to get >>> Zerox to buy their SxS "centrex" system. This was mid-1970s when Pacific >>> Bell, that served most of Pasadena had cut over to 1ESS several office >>> codes, which served a smaller part of Zerox's facility on the west side >>> of the street across from the main building. Zerox subscribed to Pacific > > I didn't know they had bought most of that gear. Perhaps they used it > until the advent of Pasadena Pacific Bell ESS Centrex. I recall that Pac > Bell was fairly conservative in deploying the 1ESS until they had > Centrex working quite well. > > BTW, two friend of mine (brothers) built several of those GTE CO > building including Hastings as I recall. I know they built the > replacement building after the Sylmar earthquake. > What buildings did they build. The Sylmar CO was intact and they just put some really large poles in the ground. I started with CWT in 1967 as the merger was completed. I was on the force that rebuilt the CO. We used the Pacoima CO to wire the equipment and placed them on transporters and sent to Sylmar. I have a VHS of it that I moved to DVD a few years ago, it shows how it was done and an over view of the damage, it was done by GTE, looking at the DVD and seeing me at age 22 years. I was leading a bunch of temps so I was seen in a lot of the tape. -- The only good spammer is a dead one!! Have you hunted one down today? (c) 2010 I Kill Spammers, Inc. A Rot in Hell Co.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 02:40:05 +0000 (UTC) From: wollman@bimajority.org (Garrett Wollman) To: telecomdigestmoderator.remove-this@and-this-too.telecom-digest.org. Subject: Re: TW Cable CEO: Programmers Oppose Smaller Channel Bundles Message-ID: <i42ba5$11et$1@grapevine.csail.mit.edu> In article <4C644AC7.9060707@annsgarden.com>, Neal McLain <nmclain@annsgarden.com> quotes a Dow Jones article reporting a statement by the CEO of Time Warner Cable: >| Britt said he isn't calling for a la carte pricing, which would >| allow customers to tailor their own channel lineup and pay for >| just the networks they want. He said such a scheme wouldn't work >| in favor of consumers I'm really curious about this (oft-repeated) claim, and where I can find some actual evidence to support it. Currently on my TiVo, I have about 170 of the 200-odd channels I receive programmed out. (Of course, if I had a Comcast box instead of a TiVo, I couldn't do that!) Yet, because of tiering, I still have to pay about $80 a month. How much would 30 channels actually cost? (My only previous reason for opposing mandatory a-la-carte has now been eliminated by cablecos encrypting all of the basic tier.) What if I were permitted to turn down broadcast-basic channels that I don't watch but which demand high retrans-consent fees? Clearly the elimination of hidden cross-subsidies would drive some specialty channels with minuscule audiences and poor business models out of business entirely. Would this be a bad thing? Perhaps, if the half-dozen or so program providers[1] were actually forced to compete with each other, the result might actually lower consumers' costs -- and it might be the only way for the cable ecosystem to compete effectively with independent program producers bypassing their distribution channels entirely. (I know several people who subscribe to data but not video service, and get all of their video entertainment from Netflix.) -GAWollman [1] Time Warner, NBC Universal, News Corp., Liberty Media, Viacom, Discovery Communications, Disney... anyone else who counts? -- Garrett A. Wollman | What intellectual phenomenon can be older, or more oft wollman@bimajority.org| repeated, than the story of a large research program Opinions not shared by| that impaled itself upon a false central assumption my employers. | accepted by all practitioners? - S.J. Gould, 1993
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