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 Re: Do you know where there are Teletype machines for sale?
 Re: RESISTORS barn burned down
 Re: mobile only, was 'Sexting' popular among teens 

====== 28 years of TELECOM Digest -- Founded August 21, 1981 ====== Telecom and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Digest for the Internet. All contents here are copyrighted by Patrick Townson and the individual writers/correspondents. Articles may be used in other journals or newsgroups, provided the writer's name and the Digest are included in the fair use quote. By using -any name or email address- included herein for -any- reason other than responding to an article herein, you agree to pay a hundred dollars to the recipients of the email. =========================== Addresses herein are not to be added to any mailing list, nor to be sold or given away without explicit written consent. Chain letters, viruses, porn, spam, and miscellaneous junk are definitely unwelcome. We must fight spam for the same reason we fight crime: not because we are naive enough to believe that we will ever stamp it out, but because we do not want the kind of world that results when no one stands against crime. Geoffrey Welsh =========================== See the bottom of this issue for subscription and archive details and the name of our lawyer, and other stuff of interest.
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:05:44 -0800 From: Steven <diespammers@killspammers.com> To: redacted@invalid.telecom.csail.mit.edu Subject: Re: Do you know where there are Teletype machines for sale? Message-ID: <hg9iqa$f7i$1@news.eternal-september.org> Robert Bonomi wrote: > In article <3f0b2703-971d-4d56-aa0d-eadc662ea061@21g2000yqj.googlegroups.com>, >> ***** Moderator's Note ***** >> >> The moral of this story is that I KNOW that somewhere, there is a >> warehouse full of Teletype machines, packed in Cosmoline, ready to go >> into service. The "pack rat" nature of techies dictates it, and I'm >> going on a mission to find them! ;-) > > IF there is such a warehouse, you're still gonna be out of luck. > The techie guarding it is preserving them for telco use, not for > surplus sales. > > GRIN > > ***** Moderator's Note ***** > > Nope, I don't believe it. Techies want things to be _used_, not just > stored, and they'll welcome me when I show up bearing lubricants and > anti-fungal agents. > > Bill Horne > Moderator I converted an old power room, [which was] in the basement of a CO, to keep a stock on the main parts we used in Co Installation - because the GTE supply system went computer, and it took a week to get materials to the field, not just one day [as it was] under the old system. Over time I [stored] all kinds of stuff, including old SXS parts which we no longer used (including a test train rack, which I took home just before I retired). That room was intact until 2006: ten years after I retired, no one knew about the room, and in fact no one even knew where the key to it was. It was only found when they went to convert that area into CLEC cages, [and] a friend called me, asking what I know about it since I ran the room: I was really surprised it was still there. I went ot the office and got the key, right where I had left it, and we opened the room. It had a couple of inches of dust, but appeared to be the way I left it. Most of the parts in there were returned to stock, [put] in supply, or [sent] to the field, but some of the material was old Step parts, and [they] were taken by employees who wanted to remember the old days. I took some lubs that I wanted for my Test Train and a couple of switches and parts for them. I also took an old Microfiche reader, and the 1996 catalog that went with it. I also found 6 Apple II computers that we had used for turning up the GTD 5 switch; the engineer was an Apple freak, [so] I also got those for my Apple II collection. -- The only good spammer is a dead one!! Have you hunted one down today? (c) 2009 I Kill Spammers, Inc., A Rot in Hell. Co.
Date: 16 Dec 2009 03:39:56 -0000 From: John Levine <johnl@iecc.com> To: redacted@invalid.telecom.csail.mit.edu Subject: Re: RESISTORS barn burned down Message-ID: <20091216033956.3250.qmail@simone.iecc.com> > Unfortunately, private collections are sometimes sadly destroyed as > this article describes: > > http://www.trentonian.com/articles/2009/12/04/news/doc4b1888f3ca007384474191.txt That was the barn where the RESISTORS computer club met in the 1960s and 1970s. See http://www.resistors.org, which happens to be hosted on the same computer as the digest's mailing list. Claude, who owned the barn, had collected a great deal of equipment that had been discarded by Western Electric and NJ Bell, but as he got old and infirm, he wasn't able to take as good care of it as he'd have liked. Back in 1998 most of it was in poor shape, with mice having chewed through insulation and so forth, and I expect it was in much worse shape by the time the barn burned down last week. It was still a shame for it to go, though. R's, John
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 07:36:25 -0800 (PST) From: Neal McLain <nmclain@annsgarden.com> To: redacted@invalid.telecom.csail.mit.edu Subject: Re: mobile only, was 'Sexting' popular among teens Message-ID: <66168c2a-2801-4c53-8546-6b6b76297d3f@l2g2000vbg.googlegroups.com> On Dec 15, 12:12 am, John Levine <jo...@iecc.com> wrote: > > Since you do have a cellular number and you don't have a > > landline number, you're a lot more likely to have a fair amount of > > disposable income than someone whose pattern is vice versa. > > That's not true any more.  Prepaid mobiles are now cheap enough that > they're a reasonable choice for your only phone on a limited budget. > I just got some Tracfones for $20 each, and if you're careful to use > promotion codes the airtime is about 10 cents/min. > > People with only a landline tend to be old, people with only a mobile > tend to be young, but I don't think you can assume that one would be > richer than the other. > > R's, > John > > ***** Moderator's Note ***** > > Noone in the direct mail industry assumes that one group is richer > than the other: they just know for a fact that young cell phone users > are much more likely to dispose of their income on high-profit, > non-essential things like music downloads and CD's, clothes, > carbonated beverages, brand-name footwear, and quick-serve > restaurants. > > People with only a landline are old, and they're not going to buy > rap music, Trademark shoes, "power" beverages, or Tommy Hilfigger > pants. They not even going to eat at McWendyKing unless they're > baby-sitting their grandchildren. > > That means that those who have only a landline are much more likely to > get a coupon promising that "kids eat free" during the holidays. Those > with only a cellphone are much more likely to get a text message from > "ladi goo-goo" promising that they can get Nike shoes by going to > BurgerDonald. > > It's ALL grist for the mill: if I know your zip code and your age, I > can identify you and the products you're most likely to buy and > whether sales promotions will affect your buying pattern. > > Bill Horne > Moderator Ok, Bill, identify me. I'm 74 and my zip is 77422. Neal McLain ***** Moderator's Note ***** You're opinionated, intolerant of liars, unimpressed by advertising, disappointed with the government, and you can spot a phoney a mile away. Oh, wait, that's me, too: all I had to know was your age. Your zip code tells me that I'll never have to worry about you sticking a knife in my back: if you want to put a knife in me, you'll look me in the eye when you do it. ;-) Since I've been out of that business for over 14 years now, I'll let others tell us your brands of car, candy, and capitalism. Bill Horne Moderator
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