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  Analysts refute latest Verizon-Palm Pre rumor 
  Re: Guess What Texting Costs Your Wireless Provider? 
  Mobile email-to-speech gateways solutions for mild stroke victims? 
  Thawte to close "Web of Trust" program 

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Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 19:00:49 -0400 From: Monty Solomon <monty@roscom.com> To: redacted@invalid.telecom.csail.mit.edu Subject: Analysts refute latest Verizon-Palm Pre rumor Message-ID: <p0624081ec6e44ca36cdd@[]> Analysts refute latest Verizon-Palm Pre rumor by Marguerite Reardon September 25, 2009 12:53 PM PDT Will it or won't it? That's the question that Palm Pre fans are asking. They want to know if the Palm's touch-screen phone will be offered by Verizon Wireless early next year. TheStreet.com reported late Thursday that sources close to the companies said Verizon was considering not offering the phone on its network, as had been expected. But now analysts are saying the rumors are likely bogus. ... http://news.cnet.com/8301-30686_3-10361995-266.html
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 17:09:44 GMT From: "Tony Toews \[MVP\]" <ttoews@telusplanet.net> To: redacted@invalid.telecom.csail.mit.edu Subject: Re: Guess What Texting Costs Your Wireless Provider? Message-ID: <niisb5pr7vrmcr5co5o9fsn2q7vd8dem00@4ax.com> Joseph Singer <joeofseattle@yahoo.com> wrote: >> AFAIK all Canadian prepaid phones do not work in the USA and >> vice versa. But postpaid Canadian phones do work in the USA >> and vice versa. Although frequently at obscene roaming rates >> and ridiculous charges just for entering a roaming area. > > Not so. Fido and Rogers prepaid will work in the US. It just > costs a whopping $1.45/minute to roam in the US. I assume that's > CA$1.45/minute though the difference between CA/US $ is not that > much different these days. > > By contrast T-Mobile in the US charges 69/minute to roam in Canada. > > I was just reminded of this when I switched on my Fido phone when > I came back from an overseas trip. I got a courtesy text message > from Fido with the reminder that it's $1.45/minute to roam in the > US. [That is] ridiculous. AFAIK you can purchase a new prepaid US phone for $10 with a $10 air time included. If I spend any time in the USA I'll just purchase one of those and leave it and the charger somewhere near the border when I exit the US. Tony -- Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP Tony's Main MS Access pages - http://www.granite.ab.ca/accsmstr.htm Tony's Microsoft Access Blog - http://msmvps.com/blogs/access/ Granite Fleet Manager http://www.granitefleet.com/
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 23:34:20 -0400 From: ed <bernies@netaxs.com> To: redacted@invalid.telecom.csail.mit.edu Subject: Mobile email-to-speech gateways solutions for mild stroke victims? Message-ID: <1254022460.4abedd3cc7638@webmail.uslec.net> Quoting telecom-owner@telecom-digest.org: > ***** Moderator's Note ***** [snip] > The Peek Pronto has gotten mixed reviews: > http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phones/peek-pronto/4505-6454_7-33567075.html > http://gizmodo.com/5197397/peek-pronto-lightning-review-simple-email-faster > http://review.zdnet.com/product/cell-phones/peek-pronto/33567075 > > You can pay $16.67 per month if you use the quarterly plan, so that > adds up to $200/yr instead of $180 for yearly payments. For that, you > get email and text - but not IM - and the dubious pleasure of carrying > around yet-another-tech-toy. > > In any case, I'd be very uncomfortable recommending so small a > keyboard and/or device to someone recovering from a CVA: motion > impairments are often compounded by insensitivity-to-touch and > clumsiness, which would result in a lot of breakage. This device is > intended for hard-core text addicts who don't like to talk, not for > stroke victims. > > Bill Horne > Modeator Actually, the Peek Pronto's unlimited mobile email and SMS costs only $15/month if you pay $180/year upfront. Not bad if you're speech-impaired and can't talk. It works over T-Mobile's network. Not sure if it roams on AT&T, but at that low flat rate I doubt it (judging from T-Mobile's previous practice of dropping customers who roamed too much on AT&T's network.) As for the Peek keyboard being suitable for stroke victims, that depends. The Peek device has an excellent keyboard as far as layout and tactile feel, and it's larger than any Blackberry keyboard. Plus it's built like a tank. The proposed user in this case has successfully tapped out text on a virtual keyboard on modified Nintendo DS, so the Peek would be easier for him. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. <wince> My original question to the list remains unanswered: Do Telecom list members have any ideas for using Peek's email messaging to communicate with people who only have a POTS line and no computer? How about email-to-POTS speech translation? POTS speech-to-email? Do email-to-TTY/TDD Relay Service gateways exist? Other ideas? -Ed
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 01:20:10 -0400 From: Bill Horne <bill@horneQRM.net> To: redacted@invalid.telecom.csail.mit.edu Subject: Thawte to close "Web of Trust" program Message-ID: <4ABEF60A.3050809@horneQRM.net> According to the web page shown below, Thawte is closing it's "Web of Trust" program, which was a service that provided identity verification for those who wanted to use S/MIME signed and/or encrypted emails. Thawte was one of the pioneers in the Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI) industry, but the company was bought out by Verisign some time ago, and Verisign appears to be retiring the brand, at least as far as email goes. Those holding existing S/MIME (X.509) certificates issued by Thawte are supposed to be offered a free one-year Verisign certificate, but Thawte's email certificates will be revoked in November and no new ones are being issued. It's the end of an era. Bill Horne https://search.thawte.com/support/ssl-digital-certificates/index?page=content&id=SO12658
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