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  Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings           
  Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings           
  Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings) 
  Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings    
  Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings     

====== 27 years of TELECOM Digest -- Founded August 21, 1981 ====== Telecom and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Digest for the Internet. All contents here are copyrighted by Patrick Townson and the individual writers/correspondents. Articles may be used in other journals or newsgroups, provided the writer's name and the Digest are included in the fair use quote. By using -any name or email address- included herein for -any- reason other than responding to an article herein, you agree to pay a hundred dollars to the recipients of the email. =========================== Addresses herein are not to be added to any mailing list, nor to be sold or given away without explicit written consent. Chain letters, viruses, porn, spam, and miscellaneous junk are definitely unwelcome. We must fight spam for the same reason we fight crime: not because we are naive enough to believe that we will ever stamp it out, but because we do not want the kind of world that results when no one stands against crime. Geoffrey Welsh =========================== See the bottom of this issue for subscription and archive details and the name of our lawyer, and other stuff of interest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 17:22:48 +1000 From: David Clayton <> To: Subject: Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings Message-ID: <> On Sun, 10 May 2009 20:44:22 -0400, Who Me? wrote: ....... > Except for a bomb or fire, there isn't really much that will damage a > 2.1 volt CELL that stands 4 feet high and is about 16 inches square; > they really aren't fragile, mechanically OR electrically! <humor> And you can test their charge by dropping a set size piece of metal across the contacts - if the metal vaporises then they are fully charged! ;-) </humor> -- Regards, David. David Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Knowledge is a measure of how many answers you have, intelligence is a measure of how many questions you have. ***** Moderator's Note ***** I inserted "humor" warnings around David's joke. Sorry if that's gilding the lily, but I always whistle when passing a graveyard. Bill Horne Temporary Moderator ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 11:03:46 EDT From: To: Subject: Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings Message-ID: <> In a message dated 5/10/2009 7:44:49 PM Central Daylight Time, hitchhiker@dont.panic writes: > Ahem. No battery is designed to float. They are designed to > provide power ... and float when not doing that. I worked in those > offices for 25 years and I assure you that their capacity to provide > that power WAS tested regularly. Usually [they were tested] every Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. In autostart offices, the commercial power was disconnected automatically to make sure the automatic transfer system and autostart system were working right, as well as making sure the generator (usually called the emergency engine) was working properly, too. Wes Leatherock ***** Moderator's Note ***** Why would commercial power be disconnected automatically? If the objective was to test the automatic equipment, wouldn't the testers need to cut off the commercial mains manually? Bill Horne Temporary Moderator ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 21:18:06 -0400 From: Steve Stone <> To: Subject: Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings) Message-ID: <gu7ucl$ecd$> > Memory fades over time, but I recall the basement filled > with the largest lead acid battery farm I'd ever seen. ... The biggest battery backup I've ever seen was in the early 1980's while taking a tour of a AT&T satellite feed [antenna] farm in Kimbles, PA near Lake Wallenpaupak. The dishes were more than huge. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 19:26:02 -0700 (PDT) From: To: Subject: Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings Message-ID: <> On May 10, 8:45 pm, "Julian Thomas" <> wrote: >> I think your memory is failing you.  All the #1 ESS offices in >> Illinois that I visited/worked in ... which were a LOT, had battery >> power for about 4 hours > > Maybe, but my memory was from how it was 'supposed to work' a few > years before Morris went live. Again, I respectfully disagree. As I recall the history, "a few years before Morris went live" there wasn't much of anything, just designs on paper. I'd have to check the Bell Labs history. Once again, Morris was _not_ a production installation, but a special test site. They knew at the onset the hardware would not be used in production; it was more of testing the concept of stored program control. Once again, in electronic terms, 1/3 of a second is a very long time, far too long for electronic circuits to wait for a power stoppage. Even back then electronic clock [cycles] were [measured] in thousandths of a second. Further, diesel technology back then was still crude enough that "1/3 second fast start" was quite advanced and not dependable enough for a mission critical function like a C.O. They simply couldn't take the chance that the generator engine might have to "crank" a few times before kicking in. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 02:42:20 -0700 From: Sam Spade <> To: Subject: Re: CO backup power (was Re: FiOS in MDU Buildings Message-ID: <0qSNl.54614$ew.21875@newsfe24.iad> David Lesher wrote: > "Who Me?" <hitchhiker@dont.panic> wrote: > >> Not really practical to start a diesel that quickly ... because it >> (usually) needs to warm up a bit for the speed to stabilize before you >> cut the load to it. > > The Diesels at a nuke plant are kept heated and have "start & provide > power" times in the low single-digit seconds; they are how you power an > emergency shutdown... But, unlike an unattended central office, hopefully the operators will have brought the diesel generators on-line at a nuclear power plant while [implementing] a check-list that gets them running before they are actually required to be brought on-line. If, on the other hand, the starting of diesel generators at a nuclear power plant [has to be on] that [kind of] "hair trigger" then perhaps the opponents of nuclear power generating stations are correct, and our next TMI could happen any time. [moderator snip] ***** Moderator's Note ***** This thread is getting hotter than a loose bus bar in busy hour: let's tone it down an octave or two. I _DON'T_ want to have a debate about nuclear power! And, _PLEASE_, pay more attention to spelling and grammar! I know it's Spring, and I know it's hard to review your posts when you're (pun intended) charged up, but have mercy on the moderator, OK? Bill Horne Temporary Moderator ------------------------------ TELECOM Digest is an electronic journal devoted mostly to telecom- munications topics. It is circulated anywhere there is email, in addition to Usenet, where it appears as the moderated newsgroup 'comp.dcom.telecom'. TELECOM Digest is a not-for-profit, mostly non-commercial educational service offered to the Internet by Patrick Townson. All the contents of the Digest are compilation-copyrighted. You may reprint articles in some other media on an occasional basis, but please attribute my work and that of the original author. The Telecom Digest is currently being moderated by Bill Horne while Pat Townson recovers from a stroke. Contact information: Bill Horne Telecom Digest 43 Deerfield Road Sharon MA 02067-2301 781-784-7287 bill at horne dot net Subscribe: telecom Unsubscribe: telecom This Digest is the oldest continuing e-journal about telecomm- unications on the Internet, having been founded in August, 1981 and published continuously since then. Our archives are available for your review/research. We believe we are the oldest e-zine/mailing list on the internet in any category! URL information: Copyright (C) 2008 TELECOM Digest. All rights reserved. Our attorney is Bill Levant, of Blue Bell, PA. ************************ --------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, the Digest is funded by gifts from generous readers such as yourself who provide funding in amounts deemed appropriate. Your help is important and appreciated. A suggested donation of fifty dollars per year per reader is considered appropriate. See our address above. Please make at least a single donation to cover the cost of processing your name to the mailing list. All opinions expressed herein are deemed to be those of the author. Any organizations listed are for identification purposes only and messages should not be considered any official expression by the organization. End of The Telecom digest (5 messages) ******************************

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