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  Re: Taxes and surcharges over 36% of bill, is this normal?   
  Re: Taxes and surcharges over 36% of bill, is this normal?   
  Re: Taxes and surcharges over 36% of bill, is this normal? 

====== 27 years of TELECOM Digest -- Founded August 21, 1981 ====== Telecom and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Digest for the Internet. All contents here are copyrighted by Patrick Townson and the individual writers/correspondents. Articles may be used in other journals or newsgroups, provided the writer's name and the Digest are included in the fair use quote. By using -any name or email address- included herein for -any- reason other than responding to an article herein, you agree to pay a hundred dollars to the recipients of the email. =========================== Addresses herein are not to be added to any mailing list, nor to be sold or given away without explicit written consent. Chain letters, viruses, porn, spam, and miscellaneous junk are definitely unwelcome. We must fight spam for the same reason we fight crime: not because we are naive enough to believe that we will ever stamp it out, but because we do not want the kind of world that results when no one stands against crime. Geoffrey Welsh =========================== See the bottom of this issue for subscription and archive details and the name of our lawyer, and other stuff of interest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 14:48:00 -0800 From: Richard <> To: Subject: Re: Taxes and surcharges over 36% of bill, is this normal? Message-ID: <> On Tue, 24 Feb 2009 16:19:13 -0500 (EST), muzician21 <> wrote: >I'm with Embarq since they're the only game in town for DSL in my >area. > >Taxes and surcharges of 16.51 on total charges of 44.80 - the DSL >internet which is an additional 19.95 isn't taxed according to the >bill. > >The taxes have names like Telecommunications relay surcharge, >Interstate access surcharge, etc. etc. > >So that works out to almost 37% of the taxed portion of the bill. >That's over 5x the tax rate on consumer items in many counties. Is >this typical? I use AT&T for my wire-line telephone service in Nevada. My surcharges and other fees are:
Federal Subscriber Line Charge5.14
Federal Universal Service Fee1.59
Carrier Cost recovery Fee (Long Dist)1.99
My bill for local and unlimited long distance is 51.00 (which includes many custom calling features) before the above fees. So the tax+fee rate is 8.72/51.00 = 17%. There is no tax listed, so apparently communiations services are not taxed in Nevada. (That's good, because our sales tax rate is about 7%). I get Internet (but not cable TV) from the local cable TV company. The bill lists CALEA fee of 0.42, but no other fees or taxes. I believe that CALEA stands for "Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act", so the fee is to reimburse the cable company for complying with this law. Hmm, this means that I'm paying a fee for the government to spy on me. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 15:20:48 -0800 (PST) From: Joaquin Mendez <> To: Subject: Re: Taxes and surcharges over 36% of bill, is this normal? Message-ID: <> On Feb 25, 1:54 am, wrote: > On Feb 24, 4:19 pm, muzician21 <> wrote: > > > So that works out to almost 37% of the taxed portion of the bill. > > That's over 5x the tax rate on consumer items in many counties. Is > > this typical? > > Yes, it is typical. > > Some of the taxes are for social purposes, such as deaf people > communication, low-income people communications, and public safety. > Other fees are actually merely part of the rates you pay for service, > falsely disguised as a special fee rather than a part of the service > cost. > > IMHO, this is all an unfortunate, but predicted result of Bell System > divesture 25 years ago.  Basically, the biggest users of > communications got a price break at the expense of small users. Unfortunately, yes. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 17:37:14 -0600 From: John Mayson <> To: Subject: Re: Taxes and surcharges over 36% of bill, is this normal? Message-ID: <> Not to hijack the discussion, but I'm going to switch to taxes and fees on cell phones (I realize we're discussing landlines). We have been with all of the Big Four cell providers in the past 10 years and our monthly bills have always shocked us because they're nowhere close to the fees promised when we purchased the plan. Texas charges roughly a 21% tax on cell phones. Add to this per phone charges for various local, state, and federal mandates, local taxes, and federal taxes and you're suddenly looking at a huge bill. I don't have a bill in front of me (I held off responding to this because I wanted one in front of me, but won't have a new bill for a couple of weeks). If I'm not mistaken there's a $5.95 per line charge. So when we add another phone for $10, right off the bat it's $15.95. Plus other other smaller fees I missed, 80 cents here, a dollar there. And the added fee for unlimited texting for the kids. And the previously mentioned taxes. Wow. I don't know this is true. But I'm guessing once upon a time cell phones were looked upon as being luxury and business items, so states taxed them heavily. As time went on everyone got a cell phone, but states enjoyed the revenue stream and never dropped the taxes. John -- John Mayson <> Austin, Texas, USA ------------------------------ TELECOM Digest is an electronic journal devoted mostly to telecom- munications topics. It is circulated anywhere there is email, in addition to Usenet, where it appears as the moderated newsgroup 'comp.dcom.telecom'. TELECOM Digest is a not-for-profit, mostly non-commercial educational service offered to the Internet by Patrick Townson. All the contents of the Digest are compilation-copyrighted. You may reprint articles in some other media on an occasional basis, but please attribute my work and that of the original author. The Telecom Digest is currently being moderated by Bill Horne while Pat Townson recovers from a stroke. Contact information: Bill Horne Telecom Digest 43 Deerfield Road Sharon MA 02067-2301 781-784-7287 bill at horne dot net Subscribe: telecom Unsubscribe: telecom This Digest is the oldest continuing e-journal about telecomm- unications on the Internet, having been founded in August, 1981 and published continuously since then. Our archives are available for your review/research. We believe we are the oldest e-zine/mailing list on the internet in any category! URL information: Anonymous FTP: (or use our mirror site: RSS Syndication of TELECOM Digest: For syndication examples see Copyright (C) 2008 TELECOM Digest. All rights reserved. Our attorney is Bill Levant, of Blue Bell, PA. ************************ --------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, the Digest is funded by gifts from generous readers such as yourself who provide funding in amounts deemed appropriate. Your help is important and appreciated. A suggested donation of fifty dollars per year per reader is considered appropriate. See our address above. Please make at least a single donation to cover the cost of processing your name to the mailing list. All opinions expressed herein are deemed to be those of the author. Any organizations listed are for identification purposes only and messages should not be considered any official expression by the organization. End of The Telecom digest (3 messages) ******************************

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