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  Re: MagicJack 
  Re: 911 service not prepared for new generation of pranksters     
  Re: 911 service not prepared for new generation of pranksters       

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Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2009 09:48:51 -0500
From: Will Roberts <>
Subject: Re: MagicJack 
Message-ID: <>

In Telecom Digest (Vol 28 # 39), Anna Baum wrote:

>Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 22:07:32 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: MagicJack 
>I am not a techie, so I apologize in advance.
>I see the MagicJack ads on TV a lot: my question is - "Do all the
>calls come thru a PC/Laptop device"? If this is so, then this is a
>problem: that means if my laptop is not on, I will miss calls.
>Currently I have Comcast cable Internet and telephone service.
>I have a wireless router for laptop use.
>Pls let me know as I am ignorant [of] how MagicJack works.

You have it about right.  MagicJack must be plugged into a computer which 
is connected to the internet by some kind of broadband connection.  Your 
cable modem and wireless router would be fine.

If your computer is not turned on, calls will go to a personal voicemail 
box which is included as part of your MagicJack service.  If can check 
your voicemail from your MagicJack or from any telephone, cellphone, etc.
The MagicJack service also will automatically email any un-retrieved 
voicemail messages to you as audio files.

[Moderator snip]

So, if you're at home (or anywhere else) with your computer, you need to 
have it turned on to receive incoming calls.  But when you're not home 
and/or do not have your computer turned on, your calls will be answered 
by voicemail.

If you want, you also have the option to set up call forwarding so that 
your calls will be forwarded to another North American number such as 
your cellphone or office phone.  This feature can be turned on and off 
by logging into your MagicJack account from any web browser -- so even if 
you're away from home and decide you'd like to get calls forwarded 
for a while and then change back to letting voice mail answer for you, 
you can do so easily.

Hope this information helps.



Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 10:58:41 -0500
From: T <>
Subject: Re: 911 service not prepared for new generation of pranksters     
Message-ID: <>

In article <gmi0ej$rfh$>, says...
> David Kaye <> writes:
> >> This was just one of the 185 calls Ellis made to 911 call centers
> >> around the US, according to Yahoo Tech, and the Bates family was
> >> picked at random. After being caught, the teen pleaded to five felony
> >> felony counts that include computer access and fraud, [....]
> >But he was CAUGHT, and investigators were able to determine that he'd
> >made 185 such calls.  It sounds like the problem isn't as big as it's
> >portrayed in the story.  So, what's the problem now?
> The problem is, that arrest was likely long after the SWAT teams kicked
> in the doors, shooting.
> The more often they do, the more dead people.... and pets.  Look at case
> in Berwyn Heights where they murdered the *mayor's* dogs.  Or the one
> I just saw where the homeowner is on trial for murder after he shot an
> armed intruder... who turned out to be a cop.

I seem to recall reading that the one who shot the cop was found not 

The story about the Mayor's dogs was terrible though. 


Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 11:00:03 -0500
From: T <>
Subject: Re: 911 service not prepared for new generation of pranksters       
Message-ID: <>

In article <sYKdnZYovspG1hPUnZ2dnUVZ_qfinZ2d@posted.internetamerica>, says...
> >It should be trivial, and should be mandatory... that any call
> >coming into a PSAP from a "questionable", for want of a better
> >term, source, get a Big Note on the screen saying something
> >like "this caller is from a questionable source. Make sure
> >you triple check any and all info".
> 911 operators are not necessarily all that careful about getting
> the location straight when the caller SAYS he's at a different
> location than the emergency and makes it very clear that there's a
> difference.  Example:  once during a lunch break some fellow employees
> were looking out over downtown Dallas from a high floor of a downtown
> office building.  One of them spots a large burst of flame and lots
> of smoke, along with hearing a loud bang, coming from a building
> on the edge of downtown and he calls 911.  He describes it as best
> he can: something like "about 200 yards north of the blah blah exit
> of 35E, on the east side.  A sign on the top of the building says
> FooBar Corp.".  Guess where the fire trucks show up?  At the downtown
> office building, even though the fire is at least 30 blocks away.

We had this problem among our three offices. One was served by an MCK 
tied back to the Prologix switch. If they dialed 911 the services would 
be dispatched to the main location, not the remote location. 


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