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  Re: How to find out mobile carrier's web-to-sms gateway address? 
  Nortel files for bankruptcy protection 
  AT&T drops Appleton, WI time/temp service - local guy picks it up 

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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 09:00:21 GMT
From: tlvp <>
Subject: Re: How to find out mobile carrier's web-to-sms gateway address? 
Message-ID: <>

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 22:09:04 -0500, John <> wrote:

> On 1月7日, 下午8时24分, tlvp <> wrote:
>> On Mon, 05 Jan 2009 17:38:31 -0500, steven acer <>
>> wrote:
>> > Is there anyway to find the e-mail-to-SMS gateway a mobile carrier
>> > uses to route email as SMS messages? I am talking about any carrier: I
>> > found some lists on the internet, but they don't cover all the
>> > countries.
>> >
>> > (
>> > If I can send sms messages from a web interface my carrier provides
>> > this means that this carrier has a gateway [like] the ones I am talking
>> > about.  I need a way to find these addresses regardless of the carrier
>> > and the country.
>> And I'd particularly welcome such data for the Polish providers Idea,
>> Plus, Era, and Orange. Even better would be the added information, which
>> 3-digit cellular prefixes are proprietary to which of these various
>> providers.
>> Thanks, and cheers, -- tlvp
> Let me try and answer your questions.
> Do you need to receive SMS? If you need to receive SMS, you will need
> to host your own GSM device or modem so that people can send you SMS.
> If not, you can just use internet SMS gateways like clickatell to do
> the work, and post to them by HTTP, XML or email. The cost is about
> 6-8 cents per SMS. There are cheaper services, but [they're] not always
> reliable. If you need to host your own GSM device, you can use
> software like (GPL Open Source) or
> Regards.

Thanks for the kannel and sms-gateway URLs, John: they're most welcome.

Here's the reason behind my query, though: my cellular service provider
lets me send/receive (from/to my handset) up to 300 domestic SMS messages
per month, free of charge, including outgoing "cellular email" messages,
i.e., messages of the form

  user@node.TLD # subject # body

... sent to the "gateway" phone number 500. But outgoing SMS to an
international destination used to be 15 cents a pop, is going up soon
to 25 or 30 cents.

If I knew the "node.TLD" component for the PLUS, ERA, IDEA, and ORANGE
cellular providers in +48-land, I could send "cellular email" rather
than "international SMS" messages, and save those few cents per message
-- if I knew from the first three digits of the +48 cellphone number
which of those Polish carriers was involved.

Until then, of course, 6 cents per SMS sent still beats 15 or 25 or 30
cents, so your info was most welcome; again, thanks.

Cheers, -- tlvp


Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 13:12:29 -0800 (PST)
From: Joseph Singer <>
Subject: Nortel files for bankruptcy protection 
Message-ID: <>

TORONTO: Nortel Networks, the biggest North American maker of
telephone equipment, filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday,
after the downturn eroded its once high-flying business.

The filing came a day before the Toronto-based company was due to make
an interest payment of about $107 million.

Nortel and a number of its affiliates filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection in the United States, according to a court filing.

Its shares plunged more than 76 percent to 7.5 cents in electronic
pre-market trading.

"Based on this filing, the board of directors must believe that not
only is the fourth quarter bad, but that the first quarter is going to
be just as bad or worse," said Duncan Stewart, an analyst at DSAM
Consulting in Toronto.


Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 12:12:34 -0600
From: "Michael G. Koerner" <>
Subject: AT&T drops Appleton, WI time/temp service - local guy picks it up 
Message-ID: <>

(from: -
it's a couple of items down)

"Time and t-t-t-temperature
Posted by MWallenfang at 1/13/2009 3:53 PM CST on

A Darboy businessman saved a 59-year-old Appleton institution.

People in Appleton have been calling (920) 734-0123 since 1950 to hear
the time and temperature, but AT&T shut down most of its
time/temperature phone lines in Wisconsin in recent years because of
declining use in the age of cell phones and Internet.

Plus, theres the high cost of upgrading equipment. The Appleton area
time/temp line was turned off around Thanksgiving.

Darboy resident Vern Schmitt missed it, and being a self-proclaimed
phone enthusiast, he got the number from AT&T and reinstated the
service in December.

If youve called in the last few weeks to confirm just how bone
chilling it is out there, you may have noticed the change.

His company, D-J Telephone Systems in Appleton, picked up the bill for
new equipment and phone lines. In the future, hes thinking about
taking on other sponsors to help with costs.

"It was important to have back as a community service," he said. "I get 1,800 
to 3,000 calls a day, depending on conditions."

The bonus with Verns revamp: you now also now hear the day and date.

I remember dialing that number for temperature information a LOT when I was a
kid.  Kewl that someone has stepped in to keep it going.

Man, that line was in service since 1950 - (memory flow alert!) dial telephone
service was cut in in Appleton in 1949 and from that time until about 1968 or
1969, one only needed to dial the last five digits of the number to connect a
local call dialed from Appleton (733 or 734 numbers).

2-xxxx - Menasha-Neenah ('722')
3-xxxx - Appleton ('733')
4-xxxx - Appleton ('734')
5-xxxx - Menasha-Neenah ('725')
6-xxxx - Kaukauna ('766')
7-xxxx - Greenville ('757' - now part of the Appleton rate center)
8-xxxx - Little Chute ('788')
and a bit later on
9-xxxx - Appleton ('739')

That ended in the late 1960s when the local numbers ran out, with
AT&T/Wisconsin Telephone then adding 731 to Appleton and 729 to
Menasha/Neenah, and the local calling area was expanded to include
Black Creek ('984'), Hortonville ('779'), Sherwood ('989') and
Shiocton ('986') - and we've been dialing the seven digits ever since.

That, too, will end in a couple of years when NPA 274 comes to the 920 area,
requiring that all ten digits of the number be dialed on all calls.

___________________________________________  ____
Regards,                                    |    |\    ____
                                            |    | |  |    |\
Michael G. Koerner               May they   |    | |  |    | |   rise again!
Appleton, Wisconsin USA                     |    | |  |    | |
___________________________________________ |    | |  |    | |

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