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Re: "Vibranxiety" Afflicts Many Cellphone Users

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Thu, 21 Jun 2007 21:58:54 -0400

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> "Ever think your cell phone was vibrating and reach into your pocket
> to answer it only to find it wasn't vibrating at all? You're not alone
> according to a report in USA Today. The story examines the phenomenon
> of phantom cell phone vibration and posits explanations ranging from
> behavioral (your phone has trained you to be on alert for vibrations)
> to neurological (your brain becomes wired to sensations you experience
> regularly). Whatever the answer may be, it's better than "You're
> nuts.""

> [JCM - I used to work around high voltage. I had both hands inside a
> high-power power-supply when my pager went off. It was set to
> vibrate. I literally threw my tools across the lab thinking I had
> been shocked. The rest of my days in that lab, I had my pager set to
> audible.]

> John Mayson <>
> Austin, Texas, USA

We IT folks are so used to that. First it started off with vibrating
pagers which could lead to a condition we referred to as beepilepsy.

I'll never forget the day that my boss and I were in a boring meeting
regarding moving our office. Had nothing to do with IT, we'd already
fulfilled our duties. Now it was just fluff talk about paint colors,
furnishings, etc. Boring!

About mid-way throught the meeting one of our servers decided to
puke. We had SkyTel pagers so we both had ours go off at the same
time. They say the looks on our faces were priceless. Woke us up out
of a cold stupor and gave us an exceuse to leave the meeting.

Turns out the software that did the checking decided to hiccup so there
was really nothing wrong. After that we'd start telling other members
of staff to page us during meetings.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And now, that is done automatically on
purpose. Got a call you want to ditch? Use call-waiting. Got a date
you want to skip out on? Have someone page you, etc. PAT]

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