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>> But, typewriters had come a long way, with correcting Selectrics. ;-)

> I'm not sure when correcting Selectrics came out, but I think it was
> after '74. In any event, they were a premium expensive model, probably
> more found with executive secretaries than with junior reporters. In
> those years, the secretary to a manager had a nice electric typewriter,
> but those using a typewriter for routine work (ie bank clerk or
> librarian) had manuals. (Remington and Underwood both made very nice
> manuals in that time frame.) By 1980 things would be very different, but
> it was a slow transition. Typewriters were rather expensive.

I bought a correcting Selectric (IBM employee purchase, so it wasn't brand
new at the time) sometime around mid-72.

Previously, the independent consultant that I was working for in 1961 or
there abouts had bought a Selectric original model.

Selectric innards were commonly used in the system 360 console
typewriters, and in some of the (by today's standards) primitive terminal
devices of the mid to later 1960's.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: My very first printer for my old
(obtained it in 1977) C-1-P Ohio Scientific Computer was an IBM
Selectric. No keyboard on it -- just a blank plate where the keys
would usually go -- except for a 'backspace' key and a couple other
control keys, and the cable to connect it to the printer port on
the C-1-P. Stack of blank paper sat on the floor behind it, which
fed into the roller and the pages could be perforated as they came
out of the typewriter. Great printing, however; it used a carbon
ribbon instead of cloth; I had four or five 'font balls' I could use
changing them as desired. PAT]

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