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Re: Vonage Finally Offers ACR

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Thu, 24 May 2007 23:00:25 -0400

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> I got the email this morning. Anonymous Call Rejection and Do Not
> Disturb are now features of the Vonage package.

> We subscribers had only been screaming about this for the past few
> years. It's about time.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But it is important to note that
> ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection) _only_ works if the caller specifically
> punches in *67 before the number string (your number). If for any other
> reason the number fails to be produced or a bogus number is given,
> telco (the prime supplier for Vonage, after all) considers the number
> to have not been withheld. If your caller ID refers to 'caller name
> unknown' or a string of obviously bogus digits (like all ones or all
> zeros, etc) claims the number was 'provided' and was not 'anonymous'.
> Unless the caller specifically instructs the switch 'do not give this
> information' ACR will _not_ work, at least not from a landline to
> a Vonage phone. Now, I suppose if a Vonage customer is equipped to
> diddle his number (as are most telemarkers and collection agencies)
> then Vonage may or may not have the ability to deal with it as an ACR
> type call. But if you are counting on ridding yourself of ACR calls
> from telemarketers I think yours is a misplaced faith. Is Vonage using
> *77 for ACR? What are they using for DND? PAT]

*77 enables ACR, *87 disables. *78 enables DND, *79 disables DND.

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