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> Ambulances back then had some first aid gear, such as oxygen, but
> basically were only a station wagon or small van with a stretcher
> (canvas sheet between two poles). Today's ambulances have radios and
> telemtry machines where a patient's vital signs are relayed to the
> emergency room doctors. Hospitals are alerted in advance to prepare
> for certain cases, such as a heart attack.

The rescues and ambulances of today are truly mobile intensive care
units. I know that all the rescues in my city are MICU's. They also
carry trained paramedics.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Ditto here in Independence. The last
time I had to go to the hospital (a rush four in the morning thing)
about a year ago with what I thought was pneumonia (gasping for air
and difficulty breathing) the ambulance crew was _very well equipped_
to deal with me. At Mercy Hospital in the emergency room, when I
regained conciousness, they advised me I not only had pneumonia as
we knew, but I also had had a heart attack on the way over. Those men
and women are really fabulous, IMO; as well equipped as any hospital
and quite well trained. At the hospital, they put a 'stent' in me,
whatever that is, then they worked on the pneumonia. PAT]

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