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16 May 2007 20:55:06 -0700

On May 2, 8:10 pm, John Mayson <> wrote:

> www.Queensbridge.uswrote:

>> I have a Yahoo Group where in a main page description about outages of
>> hot water heaters I mentioned plug-in heaters to put in pails as are
>> used in a barnyard. "Barnyard" caused a rejection of my Yahoo Group
>> main page update.

> 2. However, given how powerful Google is, I have removed the
> X-No-Archive flag. I'm just a lot more careful about what I post. I
> assume even private person-to-person emails will someday be indexed.
> Google hosts my domain which means I use GMail for my personal email.
> The spam filter is so good I don't mind using this address on USENET.

> Yes, point 2 seems to contradict point 1. Instead of fearing if the
> next thing I type will embarrass me five years later, I just let
> everything be indexed.

The only thing I prefer abut Yahoo mail is that I can alphabetize msgs
by subject. When my spam/bulk folder has 100-200 msgs I alpha and go
thru very quickly. Most spams have subjects common with other msgs.
Sometimes I find a legit msg there.

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