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> it is still relatively rare. PAT]

>> The V&H coordinates of the Rate Center associated with a given exchange
>> show the physical location to which all calls made to that exchange are
>> billed. Although long distance competition has reduced rates and
>> sometimes caused competitors to offer flat rate service for long
>> distance, each call is still accounted for in the old way, i.e., it is
>> recorded as originating in one Rate Center and terminating in another.

>> And, please remember that Local Number Portability does _not_refer to
>> geographic movement! The "portability" is between competing ILEC and
>> CLEC companies which offer service to the Rate Center represented by
>> the NPA/NXX code, _NOT_ between Rate Centers! You may change providers
>> (e.g., Verizon to Comcast), but the number you port is _still_ "homed"
>> on its old Rate Center.

>> Cellular users must pay forwarding charges for calls outside their
>> Rate Center: their carrier may choose to bundle those charges in with
>> their basic service or make any number of other price concessions, but
>> the number _always_ stays at its associated Rate Center. That means
>> that no matter where the cellular user is located, calls made to
>> his/her cell phone _always_ go to the terminating Rate Center first,
>> and are then forwarded within the cellular provider's network to a
>> cell tower that serves the user's current geographic location.

>> As far as the originating office is aware, the call stopped at the
>> terminating Rate Center, and it is recorded that way.

> Except where VoIP is involved. For example, I could take my VoIP
> router anywhere there's broadband and keep the same exact phone
> number.

> Even E-911 can be changed on the fly. I'd imagine you'd get some
> questions from the PSAP when your NPA-NXX doesn't match their area,
> but the call would still go through.

I also forgot to mention that NPA-NXX is NOT geographic in Rhode Island.

For example, the town of North Providence, RI has 401-353, 354, 231,
232, 722, 723, 724, 725, 726, 727, 728 and 729. Route 15 (Mineral Spring
Avenue) traverses the entire town.

The section from Charles St. to Woodward Rd. is all 72x, served out of
the Pawtucket rate center. Woodward Road all the way to High Service
Rd and thereabouts are 353 or 354 which are Providence rate center
numbers. Then beyond toward Woonasquatucket Ave. it's 231 or 232
which are Centerdale rate center.

So the town itself is served by three distinct rate centers. And it's
all of about 3 miles long.

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