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mc (
Thu, 10 May 2007 21:30:59 -0400

>> The anthropological term for a (racially) black person is
>> 'Negroid'; the anthropological term for a (racially) white person
>> is 'Caucasian'. PAT]

Modern anthropology does not recognize sharply distinct races, but rather a

After all, Homo sapiens only originated once.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: When I am occassionally given a form to
fill out which has a blank on it entitled Race: _______ I always
answer it 'Human', which gives no end of anquish to the person who
handed me the form or asked the question. I have been told that
'human' is not an acceptable answer, that I had to answer white,
black, indian, etc. The last time this came up was at the local Red
Cross office here in Independence. The questioner was a lady asking me
questions about donating blood. Her questionaire also asked if I had
had any 'homosexual activities' since God created the earth or some
long ago time. I answered her questions honestly, so she said 'well
then, you cannot give blood'. I asked her if she was racist or

Oh no, she replied, she was not, it was just their
'policy' but she would give me a cookie and a glass of Koolaid anyway
with her thanks for my having gone a mile out of my way to get there.
I told her not to bother; I did not want as a gay man to contaminate
her cookies and Koolaid juice by touching them, but it might be
prudent if they took all the signs they have all over town asking
people to give blood and note a caveat on them 'no gay people need
apply', just like years ago when signs noted that 'no negroes need
apply'. She said they would not add that to their posters, and
anyway its only since (some date in) 1977. In other words, thirty
years ago. I said to her "if we may assume that any male person would
have been at least fifteen or twenty years of age prior to any of
these dreadful 'homosexual experiences' you are so uptight about, that
would effectively block all gay men younger than fifty years of age or
so from donating, would it not?" Well, she insisted, that's how it
is with Red Cross. I told her suppose as I travel around town and see
your signs in various places I automatically add the legend 'no
homosexuals welcome'? She said "don't you dare!" and I told her then
instead I would write letters to _everyone_ I can find at Red Cross
from Washington, DC headquarters through the local Wichita office and
and tell them what I think. As a matter of fact, my letter writing on
this topic has caused a few internet discussions to start, and now I
see where Red Cross is complaining they do not get enough blood in
their campaigns. Good! I hope their blood bank dries up completely. PAT]

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