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Re: Why I Am Not Switching to Verizon

Steven J. Sobol (
Sat, 5 May 2007 17:49:30 UTC

In article <>, Fred Atkinson wrote:

> Would you please tell me who these *good* ISPs are (dialups excluded)
> and which of these *good* ISPs I can get in Marietta, GA?.

I was referring to the original question about New York. I know
nothing about what's available in Marietta, except to say that one of
the big guys may do better for you than a local telco. Earthlink,
Speakeasy and Covad, for example, all resell DSL and cable connections
from the telcos. Speakeasy and Covad offer additional services not
offered by the phone company. If you use a reseller, you're still
generally using the telco's wires (or in some cases, the cable
company's), but don't have to deal with their crappy customer service.

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