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RJ (
Wed, 2 May 2007 16:57:59 -0400

Fred Atkinson <> wrote:

> AT&T used to do what it pleased all the time. Do you remember the
> result of that?

Good phone service and Bell Labs.

TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Touche! and all that ... But the main
trouble with that was Bell *tried* to have good PR but in fact they
sucked at it. Remember, the entire divestiture thing succeeded in
large part because Judge Harold Greene lost ten cents in a nasty,
smelly, urinated-on, busted-up, graffiti-ridden payphone booth and the
operator sassed at him and condescended to him about getting a refund
when the phone did not 'work right'. Greene was *so annoyed* by that
incident he swore that he would bust up Bell no matter what. Only a
short time later, two of the Justice Department flunkies who knew
about Greene's experience and his pre-disposition toward Bell told
their bosses they knew of the 'perfect judge' to do their
bidding. Justice, you see, was waiting for the right judge at the
right time; they did not like Bell that much either. I dare say that
had Bell been a bit more diligent in PR efforts during the late 1970's
and early 1980's they might still be around. Maybe, I am not sure. PAT]

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