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Re: Foreign Listings for Residences
1 May 2007 14:31:19 -0700

On Apr 30, 4:59 pm, Fred Atkinson <> wrote:

> Everyone should have the right to have their number properly listed if
> they so choose to do so.

I'm sorry, but I don't have sympathy for your position. In another
post in this digest issue, we learn that the phone company is losing
money. Accordingly, I don't see any "rights" for non customers.

Tell your carrier to publish a phone book. Or tell your carrier to
provide Directory Assistance operators 24/7 with good salaries and
benefits. Obviously it would be too costly for your carrier to do so,
which is how your carrier is giving you a break on price.

> The poor customer should not be at the mercy
> of the telephone company to get their foreign listing made.

Sorry, but you are not a customer of "the telephone company" anymore.
You chose to leave to get a better deal elsewhere.

> It is a monopoly and the telephone company should not be able to
> pick and choose who can or cannot be listed.

It is absolutely not a monopoly as shown by other posts. It is a
competitive business and should be able to do as it pleases. Why
should it help competition take business from it? Does Macy's tell
Gimbel's? If you go into a store, do they tell you if their
competition has the same goods at a cheaper price?

This reminds me of when people had trouble with MCI or Sprint in their
early days that they simply were told to use AT&T. In other words,
AT&T had to be the one with sufficient capacity for high volume and
staff (operators, customer service). MCI and Sprint had none of that,
which enabled their rates to be lower.

Likewise now. Why should regular telephone customers subsidize your
special needs?

> I will write a letter to the Georgia Public Service Commission
> requesting assistance in getting this matter cleared up if they do not
> have a resolution for me in the next few days.

As I understand it, directory publishing is not a regulated service.

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