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Re: Police and the Porn Fraud Mess

Rick Merrill (
Mon, 23 Apr 2007 11:39:13 -0400

Steve Hayes wrote:

> Following the bust, lists of customers and their credit card details
> were passed to various police forces for followup, including UK
> police. A considerable number of people here, including some
> well-known names, were questioned about accessing child porn. There
> have been some prosecutions and a number of suicides.

Successful prosecution!

> It always seemed odd to me that there were that many people
> interested in child porn.

Sick, but not even odd.

> The article linked to here reveals that before the bust, Landslide
> had discovered a high level of credit card fraud involving their
> site.

No, really!? Porn peddlers committing FRAUD! How surprizing (not).

> Individual site operators were using lists of stolen card
> numbers to sign up batches of people to their own sites, obviously
> with the intention of disappearing with the 65%

Mmmm, more like 100%, n'est pas?

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