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Re: BlackBerry Back Up, Questions Linger Anonymous Remailer (
23 Apr 2007 05:11:42 +0200

Tara Seals, Reuters <> wrote:

> In a Webinar poll conducted this morning by telecom expense management
> firm ProfitLine, 81 percent of responding large enterprise IT and
> telecom professionals reported disruption to operations from the
> BlackBerry outage. And 44.5 percent reported "moderate or substantial"
> impact to enterprise productivity, while only 18.2 percent reported no
> impact from the outage.

> "These numbers show theq critical role that wireless devices play
> in corporate America," said Randall De Lorenzo, ProfitLine's vice
> president of mobility strategies. "Wireless communication has gone
> from a travel convenience to a mission critical communications tool."

This is a natural result of everyone putting all of their eggs in one

No one should be surprised.

The solution is, as usual, open standards (to ensure interoperability)
and free market competition (to keep the providers in line).

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