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What is an Acceptable "Maximum Download Pause"?
14 Apr 2007 17:27:26 -0700

Hi, I have been having trouble with my VoIP provider (Sunrocket) and
perhaps my cable provider (Time Warner). I keep getting dropped calls
and have been yelling at Sunrocket for awhile now; I have taken many
of their excuses with a grain of salt except the "Maximum Download
Pause" (MDP). They say that my MDP is 100ms before the call gets cut
off (anything under 100ms is good) and they latched onto one of the
test results I got when using their (which is really Visualware's)
and got a MDP of 200ms (waaay higher than 100ms).

Since then I have gotten scores of 105, 40, 118, 94 and so on; when I
asked Time Warner about this they thought that it seemed to be more
variable than it should but wanted to send someone out to do some
onsite tests (coming middle of next week) but also said that since
cable-internet is shared (unlike DSL?) it is prone to being slowed
down by congestion which could account for the variability?

Anyway, I wanted to see what kind of MDP other people are getting,
especially other VOIP users. A quick "I normally get around XX" would
really help me.



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