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Re: Comcast Bait and Switch, "Unlimited" Has a New Meaning

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Thu, 12 Apr 2007 17:46:44 -0400

In article <>,

> George Berger <> writes:

>> A year ago, I called and asked for upgrade of our dial-up connection to
>> broadband cable.

>> I had already wired our home with a two-way splitter from the Comcast
>> cable entry to our home (which, by the way, provided -- and still
>> provides -- excellent TV reception). I used top-line Belden RG 59 cable
>> for the 20' run to our top floor den where we have our computer.
>> ...

> FYI: RG-59 has an upper bandwidth pass of around 800-900MHz. Cable
> companies have long been using RG-6 for their installations which has
> an upper bandwidth pass up around 1.8Ghz.

> I couldn't tell you what channels and ranges your cable company runs
> their DOCSIS channels for cable modem bandwidth, but if your area
> depends on channels beyond the 800MHz part, your RG-59 cable very well
> could have had too much attenuation in the channel allocations needed
> for their cable-modem setup.

> Of course, this doesn't excuse the installation tech that couldn't do
> basic troubleshooting, but it could very well have been your interior
> wiring not being the proper type.

DOCSIS runs up around 1.9GHz or so.

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