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Roaming From Cellular to VOIP/Wifi?

R. T. Wurth (
Wed, 28 Mar 2007 23:01:16 GMT

(Did I guess the Telecom Digest secret word for express handling?)

I've been thinking about cell phones, and I've seen a few that offer
Wifi access, and one that has VOIP over Wifi. Do any of these offer
seamless roaming? Consider the following hypothetical scenarios:

1.) I arrive at home and walk into my house, where I have a Wifi
access point connected to my cable or DSL modem. Can I have a
phone/service that will place and receive new calls using VOIP over
Wifi (through a SIP and media gateway operated by my cell carrier)
until I leave? Can I have existing calls roam between cellular and
VOIP over Wifi when I enter/leave my wifi zone?

2.) I walk into a fast food restaurant with Wifi provided by my cell
provider. I have subscribed to my carrier's wifi access option. Can
I have my current call seamlessly roam onto VOIP over Wifi? Can I
have a call roam back to cellular when I leave? Can I at least have
new calls be made over VOIP over Wifi?

Do any phones work anything like this? Do any carriers (anywhre, not
just US) offer a service that works like this? Is it publicly
available or just a controlled introduction trial?

-- Rich Wurth / / Rumson, NJ USA

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: YES, you did correctly guess the secret
word. And when it is discovered in a subject line it is automatically
removed (so no need to send me a line saying 'please erase' etc.) And
it is not so much 'express handling' as it is showing mercy upon me,
the moderator, who since November, 1999 and _black Tuesday_ has
progressively gone from diseased brain to chronically dizzy (I always
feel as though I am drunk and in need of a very long 'sleep it off'
although that never does any good; I always now stagger around very
slowly. Please bear with me, friends. PAT]

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