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Re: Numeric Pager Notification of E-mail

GlowingBlueMist (
Mon, 26 Mar 2007 07:19:37 -0500

"Steve Crow" <> wrote in message

> I have a need to receive notifications of new e-mail on my numeric
> pager. Obviously the simplest solution is to just upgrade to a text
> pager and forward copies of my e-mail to it. However, this simply
> isn't an option.

> The specific situation is that I use GrandCentral for my voicemail and
> I would like to be paged with my GrandCentral number (or at least a
> recognizable string of numbers that indicate new voicemail) when a new
> message is deposited. If I configure GrandCentral to send
> notifications to a specific POP3 box, I can have a service monitor
> that POP3 box and shoot out a notification to my pager when a
> GrandCentral message gets deposited.

> Is anyone aware of any service that will monitor a POP3 e-mail box for
> a new message (better yet, from a specific e-mail address) and then
> blast a string of numbers to a conventional numeric pager? Googling is
> leaving me empty-handed.

> I did take a moment to leave beta feedback with the GrandCentral folks
> suggesting pager notification of new voicemail, particularly given the
> number of people who still carry pagers and the fact that most modern
> cellular voicemail systems still offer this capability.

> Thanks!

I know nothing about the companies mentioned below but you might want
to check out:

With a little more research you should be able to come up with
something that does what you want if these are found to be lacking.

Try entering [email notification "numeric pager" pop3] into Google,
minus the brackets and see what turns up.

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