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Henry (
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 23:26:26 +0200

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Another excellent interurban line for
> many years was the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad
> (the electric orange train which ran between Randolph Street in
> downtown Chicago and South Bend, Indiana.

What about the 'North Shore' that ran from Chicago to Milwaukee? I
know it ran in the '40s, and probably into the '50s, but when it
closed I'm not sure.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee
Railroad went out of business in January, 1963, and their station in
Skokie was my _old_ Greyhound Station, which the Gryhound Agency
started renting about that same time. CTA's 'Skokie Swift' ran on the
old North Shore tracks. Unlike the South Shore, which ran on its own
tracks to 115th Street then switched to ICRR right of way, North Shore
had its own right of way all the way to Wilson Avenue (the old, very
decrepit 'Uptown Station' (which was theirs) and it is at that point
(just beyond Wilson Avenue) that the right of way changes from above
ground stilts (like an elevated train) to grade level. CTA property
south of Wilson Avenue (or actually, CTA's predecessor company, the
Chicago Rapid Transit Company until City of Chicago nationalized
[they called it 'municipalized']) the whole thing and gave it to the
newly formed CTA (in 1947). North Shore kept their stations in good
repair also until they closed in 1963. That was the end of any
maintainence or upkeep for any of those stations, including Skokie,
which in 1947 was still the Village of Niles Center, IL. PAT]

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