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Re: 511 Traffic Phone Lines May Raise Crash Risk

Scott Dorsey (
12 Mar 2007 08:06:59 -0400

Rick Merrill <> wrote:

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have always wondered by it is safe
>> for police officers to talk on the radio while their car is moving
>> but it is not safe for civilians to do the same thing. The answer, we
>> are told, is that 'police officers have better training for same.'
>> PAT]

> I raised that question of driving while talking on the phone with an
> airplane pilot and he said pilots "multitask" All the time!

Yes, and a whole lot of human factors engineering goes into reducing
pilot workload.

For the most part, drivers have to pay attention to the road
constantly, while pilots only need constant attention during takeoff,
landing, or when something goes wrong.

When something goes wrong, being able to fly the plane, diagnose a problem,
and talk on the radio at the same time can be extremely difficult.


"C'est un Nagra. C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis."

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And I presume if you absolutely needed
to make a call immediatly (such as observing a drunk driver on an
interstate) you could always pull over to the side of the road, stop
your car, make the call, then return to normal driving. PAT]

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