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The Electric Interurban Railways in America

George W. Hilton and John F. Due

472 pp.
37 illustrations, 51 maps.
0804740143 paper ($39.95)

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>> Unfortunately, most of the history of the old interurbans has been
>> lost.

> There are a great many books on the history of interurbans. Some deal
> with interurbans in general, others are detailed stories on a specific
> line. Some are out of print, but new ones are being published.

> Do an author search on William Middleton who has been a prolific
> writer on the subject. Also, has new books
> out.

> A brand new interurban is running between Trenton NJ and Camden NJ,
> operated by NJ Transit.

> [dupe of prior lost post]

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Another excellent interurban line for
> many years was the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad
> (the electric orange train which ran between Randolph Street in
> downtown Chicago and South Bend, Indiana. In its hey-day, it ran every
> thirty minutes round the clock between those two points, with six or
> eight car trains. It ran on its own tracks all the way from South Bend
> to 115th Street/Kensington Station in Chicago, at which point it leased
> the Illinois Central tracks for the remainder of its trip. (ICRR was
> also an electric train with overhead catenary-style wires. Quite a few
> years back, they cut down service to South Bend to once per hour, then
> eventually just a few trains daily. Now I understand they only run the
> train as far east as Gary, Indiana and possibly one or two trains
> daily to Michigan City, or possibly further east to South Bend. All of
> their 'own' stations -- that is, east of the split-away from Illinois
> Central at 115th Street are in terrible decay, just like CTA's
> stations. PAT]

Wes Leatherock

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