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Re: Area Codes and Prefixes, esp. 200

Neal McLain (
Mon, 05 Mar 2007 21:07:26 -0600

Mike Z <> wrote:

> Neal McLain wrote:

>> If you're counting dial pulses, the lowest would be
>> 212-221-1111, except that it might be tied with
>> 212-212-1111 if the Illinois Commerce Commission
>> were assigning NNXs in New York.

> The Illinois Commerce Commission doesn't assign central
> office codes Neustar's NANPA does.

Agreed. But state commissions can request specific CO codes, and I
doubt that Neustar would have assigned 847-847 if the ICC hadn't
requested it.

> ... So the lowest theoretical number in the NANP, counting
> dialpulses, would still be 212-212-1111...

Which is tied with 212-221-1111 (a working number, BTW).

>> The highest counting dial pulses would be 909-900-0000, an
>> unassigned number in the Fantana, California rate center.

> Actually, the highest theoretical dialpulse-counted NANP
> number would be 900-900-0000...

Agreed, if you include "easily recognizable codes" as area codes,
which I didn't.

Neal McLain

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