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TELECOM Re: Cordless Phone Does Not Ring

Carl Navarro (
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 14:35:26 -0500

On 1 Mar 2007 13:32:08 -0800, San <> wrote:

> On Mar 1, 10:21 am, wrote:

>> On Feb 28, 5:33 pm, wrote:

>>> I am facing a baffling problem. I have a corded and a cordless phone
>>> hooked in my apartment along with AT&T DSL internet on the same phone
>>> line.
>>> Few days back my 900Mhz Uniden cordless phone stopped ringing whenever
>>> there used to be incoming call. My corded phone continue to ring and I
>>> could even use either phones to answer the calls. There was no problem
>>> for outging calls also from either phones. Some times for incoming
>>> calls the corded phone use to ring only once and gets directly
>>> connected. I picked any of the phones I could answer the call.
>>> I thought it could be a problem with the Uniden phone and purchased a
>>> 2.4Ghz GE phone. It also behaved exactly the same way. Both the
>>> cordless phones have answering system, which is also not working. I
>>> checked GE and Uniden cordless phones at my friends place along with
>>> all the DSL filters. Surprisingly the phones and answering system
<<snip pathetic story of ATA box not working >>

You can solve all of this YES/NO stuff in two or three easy steps.

UNPLUG everything to the demarc outside. Plug in a single line phone
with a DSL filter into that location and call it from your cell phone.
If it rings, try the cordless in place of the corded. If it rings,
you have eliminated outside line trouble.

Now disconnect ALL phones in the house and plug in the DSL modem and
ONE phone(the corded then the cordless).

Eventually you'll get a pettern here. Ringing problems can occur
because you have too many phones on the line. I can't remember
whether the one with the lowest or the highest REN will continue to
work, but when you get it down to one or two phones, you don't have to
worry. Sometimes a customer's favorite 500 set will suck up all the
ring current and kill the ringing.

Then there's always a chance that the house wiring has moisture/a
knick in the wire/hungry mouse friend/etc, or the telco has a bad
subscriber card in the remote box, but get the basics done first.

Carl Navarro


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