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San (
1 Mar 2007 13:32:08 -0800

On Mar 1, 10:21 am, wrote:

> On Feb 28, 5:33 pm, wrote:

>> I am facing a baffling problem. I have a corded and a cordless phone
>> hooked in my apartment along with AT&T DSL internet on the same phone
>> line.
>> Few days back my 900Mhz Uniden cordless phone stopped ringing whenever
>> there used to be incoming call. My corded phone continue to ring and I
>> could even use either phones to answer the calls. There was no problem
>> for outging calls also from either phones. Some times for incoming
>> calls the corded phone use to ring only once and gets directly
>> connected. I picked any of the phones I could answer the call.
>> I thought it could be a problem with the Uniden phone and purchased a
>> 2.4Ghz GE phone. It also behaved exactly the same way. Both the
>> cordless phones have answering system, which is also not working. I
>> checked GE and Uniden cordless phones at my friends place along with
>> all the DSL filters. Surprisingly the phones and answering system
>> worked just fine.
>> Now I felt the problem is with my telephone service / Line. I got it
>> checked from At&T and they informed me the line is ok. He mentioned it
>> could be due to "Interference" with wireless network. I tried using
>> the phones without DSL and without wireless routers. Things did not
>> change. Now I am wondering if wireless networks in my apartment
>> vicinity (there are several of them) are interfering with my cordless
>> system? Can any body explain the phenomenon and the way to solve it?
>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The first thing which came to mind was
>> not that there was 'interference'. If there was 'interference', you
>> would occassionally hear 'static' or something similar on the line
>> when you were using it. Also, you would probably receive spurious
>> ringing (no rhyme nor reason to it; just occassional tingles from the
>> ring-making device on the cordless phone) when the 'interference'
>> bothered the cordless unit. Before you go around polling your
>> neighbors to see about their cordless phones and wireless apparatus,
>> I would first go by the clues you gave in your first paragraph:
>> (1) You recently got AT&T DSL service. and (2) the cordless phone
>> only rang _once_ and was directly connected. That 'one ring and then
>> connected' sort of sounds ot me like a short on the line. Not enough
>> of a short to make your line totally busy but enough of a short that
>> with sufficient ringing voltage (as oppposed to voltage to talk with)
>> something is happening.

>> I'd try unplugging all the phones and the DSL incoming line. Then do
>> a controlled test where you place a call to yourself (maybe from a
>> cell phone?) with _only_ the wireless phone plugged in where you
>> normally have the wired phone plugged in. See if your wireless phone
>> and its answering machine now start working, or see if you can make
>> the cordless phone 'ring once' and then be connected. If it does work
>> okay at that point, then the hassle is in the wiring of one or more of
>> your phone outlets. I suggest that in most cases with wireless phones
>> and answering machines, only two wires are used; for simplicity, the
>> red and the green. But sometimes, on cordless phones and answering
>> machines the outside pair (yellow and black wires number 1 and 4) are
>> also used. Is your answering machine set up to cut off whenever a
>> phone is picked up? If that is the case, then sometimes the
>> yelllow/black wires 1 & 4 are 'jumpered' to green and red (wires 2 &
>> 3) inside the phone somehow or _maybe_ in the wall box. After you do
>> these litle experiments I suggested, get back to us here and
>> _carefully_ document what happened. PAT]

>> Pat thanks for you response and attention.

> I unplugged all the phones and DSL for 10 min and then reconnected only
> the cordless phone. Then called the number from my cell phone. The
> phone do not ring for incoming calls nor the answering machine.
> Outgoing calls and dial tone are working fine. In fact cordless phone
> do not ring at all whether connected stand-alone or with corded phone.
> The phenomenon started just a couple of weeks back, before that
> everything was working file for past 3 months with the same set-up. I
> tried 3 different phone jacks in my apartment with 2 different
> cordless phone (900Mhz & 2.4Ghz) which works fine in my friend's
> place. Please suggest. Thanks

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Now for the next part of this
> experiment, let's repeat the above, but when you *know* an incoming
> call is coming in (because you are placing it from your cell phone)
> try _answering_ the cordless phone, just pick it up and see if you
> can talk to yourself. Let's detirmine if in fact there is some trouble
> with the ringer but the connection is good otherwsie. Let's also try
> listening to what the cell phone is receiving while we do this: Is
> it ringing in your ear normally, or ringing once or one-half time
> then stopping, etc. Emulate an incoming call to yourself. PAT]-

When I call from cell phone to the cordless, I can hear ringing in the
cell phone. I can pick the non-ringing cordless and talk normally. The
connection is good as normal, only problem is I do not get
notification of an incoming call.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But when you unplug your cordless
phones and replug them in at someone else's jack they _always_ work
correctly? (yes/no) You have two cordless phones now, the original
one plus a new one you bought recently? Do they both always work OK
at the other location while _NOT_ working at your location? (yes/no)
At your place, knowing that a call is coming in (your own cell phone)
you can answer all incoming calls without having heard a ring?
(yes/no). The phones work okay at both locations except you do not get
a ringing signal (although you know it is 'ringing' at your place?)
If for all these questions your answer is (yes) then I strongly
suggest the hassle is somehow with your own wiring. PAT]

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