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Skokie Swift

Neal McLain (
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 22:12:01 -0600

In reference to the recent discussion about the Skokie Swift (where PAT
never worked) ...

On Saturday, March 3, RFD-TV will telecast 'Midwest Trolley Tour Part 2.'
Features Indiana, Cleveland, St. Louis, Illinois Terminal, North Shore
Line winter scenes" as part of its regular weekly series "Trains and
Locomotives." I watched it earlier this week; there are a few brief
scenes of the Skokie Swift in action.

Saturday, March 3, 9:00 AM EST
DirecTV Channel 379
Dish Network Channel 9409

RFD-TV home:
Weekly schedule:
This week's programming:

Neal McLain

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I wish they would have a segment on the
'Union Traction Company', the interurban line which ran between
Nowata, Indian Territory (or Oklahoma, once statehood was granted)
and Parsons, Kansas between 1907 and 1947. It started in Nowata, with
stops in South Coffeyville, Coffeyville, Dearing, Jefferson, Blake,
Independence (various stops), Cherryvale and Parsons. It made
connections with all the major passenger railroads (Santa Fe RR for
example) along its route. It ran every fifteen minutes most of the
time, and hourly during the overnight hours. The 'Terminal Building'
in Coffeyville (8th and Walnut Streets) is now an abandoned building
protected by the USA Historical Preservation Act as a result and will
probably remain as long as the town of Coffeyville remains in
existence. It is located just down the street from Coffeyville's
other unique thing; its own municipal electrity power plant. PAT]

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