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Re: Telephone Area Codes and Prefixes
Fri, 23 Feb 2007 23:45:21 -0500

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Neal McLain wrote:

> So how would they pronounce 201-200-0000?
> Yes, that's a valid number. It's a fax in the Criminal Justice
> Department at New Jersey City University.

The other cool thing about that number is that it is of course the lowest
(generally-dialable) phone number in the entire world!

Fully qualified, it is +1 201 200 0000. Unless the ITU ever
introduces country codes beginning with 0, or the NANPA ever puts area
code 200 into service, this number will stay the lowest in the world.

Bob Goudreau
Cary, NC

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There _is_ an 'area code 200', or more
precisely it is a special service code. 1-200-highly secretive seven digits
does a 'ring back' to the calling number. The seven digits following
1-200 differ from one central office to the next, and within that CO,
they tend to change the number every two or three months, mainly
because outside plant technicians used to get bribed a lot (maybe
still) by phone phreaks looking for the number. You can try 1-200-your
own number and if a tone signal is returned, then hang up. If your
phone rings back at you, then you win, if not, then you lose. _That_
(200 plus own number) used to work in Chicago when they first did away
with 571-6, but I dunno any longer. PAT]

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