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Re: Innocent Teacher Convicted in Computer Porn Case

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Thu, 15 Feb 2007 22:32:02 PST

Please do not publish my email address.

There are tons of news articles on this subject and I have yet to find
one critical of Amero. She now has a blog at They are asking for financial help,
and I would encourage everyone to make a small donation as I myself
did. They are just normal people who are getting absolutely screwed
by the system.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: All these folks who prattle and chatter
about the wonderful way things work in the good old USA and how
wonderful our system of justice and jurisprudence works out need to
recall a few simple facts: Most of us cannot even begin to afford the
services of an attorney in a criminal matter, let alone the high price
of making bail while your case is being adjudicated. The police, with
their limitless amounts of time and resources can, and often do screw
whomever they take a dislike to. And the old joke about 'if you cannot
afford an attorney, one will be given to you' is such a crock. For
these alleged 'pornographers' and/or 'child molestors' and/or 'keepers
of child pornography' things are especially tough: God forbid the
victim has a computer in his/her home. Police want to tear it apart,
and you _never_ get it back in the condition you submitted it. Police
approach these instruments like superstitious witch doctors; first
thing they want to do is find out 'where does he keep all his
pornography?' No matter whether the victim does or does not have any
of these things; police make those decisions, and the prosecutor, who
_should be_ an unbiased officer of the court is told by police where
things should go. Gay men are especially fair game for most police
officers in this respect. I myself never could understand how a gay
person could want to become a police officer; for me it would turn
my stomach too much; nor to the converse, how a police officer would
ever openly admit to being gay; yet there are some in both directions
these days. They are, IMO, two mutually different categories of human
beings. So Julie Amero is not guilty at all? So what else is old
news? By all means, go to her blog
and give her a few dollars if you can afford to do so. When she gets
out of prison after forty years or so -- if she makes it that long --
she will need the money. PAT]

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