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Re: 712 858 8094?

Mark Brader (
Sat, 03 Feb 2007 03:37:36 -0000

Pat Townson writes:

> What is expected of you is to enter '011' (international code from
> the USA), followed by the varying length number you wish to reach.
> ... my research assistant listened to the opening tri-linqual
> instructions, then dialed 011-620-331-1113 for the Independence
> weather and time of day recording. ... the '011' is needed, since
> apparently the Iowa location 'expects' it is going to be given an
> international number.

Something is seriously wrong here: 011 in normal dialing is followed by
a country code, so 011-62 from North America should reach some place in
Indonesia. And you said it was expecting an international number and
yet you reached a domestic one. Did you mean 011-1-620-331-1113, with
a country code? (Of course we don't normally ever dial 011-1- in North
America, but if it did work it would logically reach North America.)

Mark Brader, Toronto But that's what all the other individualists are doing!

My text in this article is in the public domain.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Yes, I accidentally omitted the '1' in
the middle, sorry. It did 'expect' an international dialing string,
which is why the '011' part was required, even though it settled for
less after I gave it a '#' to indicate the end of dialing. PAT]

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