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Re: NY Times Plans Major Job Cutback
20 Jan 2007 11:09:57 -0800

... Yes, but out here in Phoenix, even the regional edition is better
than the Arizona Republic, which I find to be poorly designed, poorly
edited, with virtually no editorial oversight with regards to
accuracy, and a "moving bias" that fits whatever the "cause du jour"
might be.

For example, they ran a cover feature on the ecological damage done by
the Border Patrol citing harm done by four wheel drive vehicles driven
in pursuit of undocumented aliens (UDAs). What the writer neglected
to mention was that the "average" UDA brings, and discards an average
of five pounds of trash on their trek north. When I called her on it,
she very snidely replied that "I couldn't possibly know what I was
talking about because [she assumed] I had never seen the area. Wrong!
I had just come back from a ten day assignment with the customs and
border protection southern sector flying in blackhawks, and not only
told her about it, but pointed to some of the photographs I had made
which proved my point in no uncertain terms. No answer from her,
despite repeated email and phone messages to both her and the relevant
editors at the "paper."

If a "journalist" has that little regard for the facts, rather than
taking a difficult situation and further inflaming it with inaccuracies
and bias, then in my humble opinion, the only reason to buy the
Republic is to use it as a training aid for your puppy.

I will take ANY edition of the great [formerly] grey lady any time!


Robert Bonomi wrote:

> In article <>,

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: With a bit of luck, local news from New
>> York City gets covered in NY Times ... maybe. They do not do a very
>> good job of covering local, NYC news, but they are not bad -- if a
>> little bit of liberal bias is okay -- on national and international
>> news. PAT]

> For reasonably decent NYC local news you have to see the 'metro'
> edition of the NY Times -- not the 'national' edition, or any of the
> 'regional' editions.

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