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Re: Should Consumers Tape "Customer Service" Calls?

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Mon, 15 Jan 2007 02:59:44 -0500

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> T <> wrote in
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> [ story about dell support woes ]

>> There ought to be some sort of vetting process for I.T. folks to get
>> past those damned support scripts.

> With Dell there is an option (at least in the Netherlands). A company
> can send one (or more) of their support people on a special Dell
> course (and pay for the privilege), after which those support people
> will have access to second-line support at Dell. Regular freshen-up
> courses are needed for new models of hardware and other changes.

> A company needs to have an awful lot of Dell hardware for this to be
> interesting.

40 Dell servers, 70 Dell desktops and laptops. I love the part about
"pay for the privelege". Yeah, right. I could probably do Dell support
without even looking at the script. I've had it used on me so many
times in the past that I could repeat it verbatim.

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